After the day’s traumatic events, Nick passes a sleepless night. Prior to dawn, that rises restlessly and goes come visit Gatsby in ~ his mansion. Gatsby speak him that he waited at Daisy’s until 4 o’clock in the morning and that naught happened—Tom did not shot to pains her and also Daisy did not come outside. Nick argues that Gatsby forget about Daisy and also leave long Island, but Gatsby refuses to take into consideration leaving Daisy behind.

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Gatsby, melancholy, speak Nick around courting Daisy in Louisville in 1917. He says that the loved her for she youth and also vitality, and also idolized her social position, wealth, and popularity. The adds the she was the very first girl to whom he ever before felt close and that that lied around his lift to do her think that he was worthy the her. Eventually, the continues, he and also Daisy made love, and also he felt together though he had married her. She promised come wait for him as soon as he left for the war, but then she married Tom, whose social place was solid and who had actually the approval of she parents.

Gatsby’s gardener interrupts the story to tell Gatsby the he plans to drainpipe the pool. The previous day was the sexy of the summer, however autumn is in the air this morning, and also the gardener concerns that fallout’s leaves will certainly clog the swimming pool drains. Gatsby tells the gardener to wait a day; he has actually never used the pool, he says, and wants to go for a swim. Nick has stayed so long talking come Gatsby the he is an extremely late because that work. He lastly says goodbye to Gatsby. As he to walk away, the turns ago and shouts the Gatsby is worth an ext than the Buchanans and every one of their friends.

Nick goes come his office, but he feels as well distracted to work, and also even refuses to accomplish Jordan Baker for a date. The emphasis of his narrative then shifts to relate come the reader what happened at the garage after Myrtle was killed (the details of which Nick learns from Michaelis): George Wilson stays up all night talking to Michaelis about Myrtle. He tells him that before Myrtle died, he confronted her about her lover and told her that she can not hide she sin indigenous the eyes of God.

The morning after ~ the accident, the eyes of medical professional T. J. Eckleburg, illuminated by the dawn, overwhelm Wilson. He believes they space the eyes of God and also leaps to the conclusion that whoever to be driving the vehicle that eliminated Myrtle must have been her lover. Wilson decides that God needs revenge and leaves to track down the owner that the car.

Wilson looks because that Tom, due to the fact that he knows that Tom is familiar with the car’s owner—he witnessed Tom steering the auto earlier the day, yet he knows Tom might not have actually been the driver since Tom arrived after the accident in a different vehicle with Nick and Jordan. Wilson ultimately goes to Gatsby’s house, whereby he finds Gatsby lied on an air mattress in the pool, floating in the water and also looking up at the sky. Wilson shooting Gatsby, killing him instantly, climate shoots himself.

Nick hurries ago to West Egg and also finds Gatsby floating dead in his pool. Nick imagines Gatsby’s final thoughts, and also pictures the disillusioned by the meaninglessness and also emptiness the life there is no Daisy, without his dream.


Gatsby’s recounting of his early stage courting of Daisy provides Nick an opportunity to analyze Gatsby’s love for her. Nick identifies Daisy’s aura the wealth and privilege—her countless clothes, perfect house, lack of fear or worry—as a central component of Gatsby’s attraction to her. The reader has already seen that Gatsby idolizes both wealth and Daisy. Currently it i do not care clear that the two are intertwined in Gatsby’s mind.

Nick implicitly says that by making the shallow, fickle Daisy the focus of his life, Gatsby surrenders his extraordinary power of visionary expect to the simple task of amassing wealth. Gatsby’s dream is decreased to a motivation for product gain since the object of his dream is unworthy the his power of dreaming, the quality that makes him “great” in the very first place.

In this way, Gatsby proceeds to function as a symbol of America in the 1920s, which, as Fitzgerald implies throughout the novel’s exploration of wealth, has end up being vulgar and empty as a result of subjecting that is sprawling vitality to the greedy quest of money. Simply as the American dream—the search of happiness—has degenerated right into a pursuit for mere wealth, Gatsby’s powerful dream of delight with Daisy has become the motivation for lavish excesses and also criminal activities.

Although the reader is able come perceive this degradation, Gatsby is not. Because that him, losing Daisy is like shedding his entire world. He has longed come re-create his previous with her and also is now compelled to talk to Nick about it in a desperate effort to save it alive. Also after the confrontation with Tom, Gatsby is can not to accept that his dream is dead. Though Nick implicitly understands that Daisy is no going to leaving Tom because that Gatsby under any kind of circumstance, Gatsby proceeds to firmly insist that she will speak to him.

Throughout this chapter, the narrative implicitly develops a connection between the weather and also the emotional setting of the story. Just as the geographical setups of the book correspond to certain characters and themes, the weather synchronizes to the plot. In the previous chapter, Gatsby’s tension-filled confrontation v Tom took ar on the hottest day of the summer, beneath a fiery and also intense sun. Currently that the fire has actually gone out of Gatsby’s life with Daisy’s decision to continue to be with Tom, the weather all of sudden cools, and also autumn creeps into the air—the gardener even wants to drain the pool to keep falling pipeline from clogging the drains. In the same method that the clings come the expect of make Daisy love that the means she used to, the insists on swim in the pool as despite it were still summer. Both his downfall in thing 7 and his fatality in chapter 8 an outcome from his stark refusal to expropriate what he cannot control: the passage of time.

Gatsby has made Daisy a price of whatever he values, and made the environment-friendly light on she dock a prize of his destiny through her. Thinking about Gatsby’s death, Nick suggests that all symbols are developed by the mind—they do not possess any inherent meaning; rather, world invest them v meaning. Nick writes the Gatsby must have actually realized “what a grotesque thing a increased is.” The rose has been a standard symbol of beauty, beauty throughout centuries of poetry. Nick argues that roses aren’t inherently beautiful, and also that human being only check out them that method because they choose to perform so. Daisy is “grotesque” in the same way: Gatsby has actually invested her through beauty and an interpretation by making her the object of his dream. Had Gatsby no imbued her v such value, Daisy would certainly be just an idle, bored, rich young woman with no details moral stamin or loyalty.

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Likewise, though they suggest divine scrutiny both to the reader and to Wilson, the eyes of medical professional T. J. Eckleburg are disturbing in part because they are not the eyes of God. They have no precise, resolved meaning. George Wilson takes medical professional T. J. Eckleburg’s eyes because that the all-seeing eyes of God and also derives his misguided id that Myrtle’s killer must have been she lover from the inference. George’s assertion that the eyes stand for a moral standard, the upholding the which means that he must avenge Myrtle’s death, becomes a gross parallel to Nick’s desire to find a moral facility in his life. The eye of doctor T. J. Eckleburg can mean anything a personality or reader desires them to, however they look down on a people devoid that meaning, value, and also beauty—a civilization in which dreams are exposed together illusions, and also cruel, unfeeling guys such together Tom get the love of ladies longed because that by dreamers such as Gatsby and Wilson.