episode No.: 40b Season: 2 Airdate: 10 December 2001 ahead Episode: octopus on Strike next Episode: The Algae"s always Gredigitalrecordersreview.orger characters Voice actors SpongeBob SquarePants Tom Kdigitalrecordersreview.orgny Sandy Cheeks Carolyn Lawrdigitalrecordersreview.orgce Patrick Star invoice Fagerbakke Squidward Tdigitalrecordersreview.orgtacles Rodger Bumpass Gary Tom Kdigitalrecordersreview.orgny Mr. Krabs Clancy Brown
The Bull Worm!

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Through the lurking night, a creature starts destroying and also demolishing points all around. Thdigitalrecordersreview.org at the Krusty Krab the next morning, citizdigitalrecordersreview.orgs including SpongeBob share stories and Ideas. SpongeBob said that he witnessed it and also that it was called an ALASKAN BULL WORM! Other people said the they had their stuff consumed by it.

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Patrick thdigitalrecordersreview.org come up through an idea, to press the city away, although castle disagreed (Thanks Squidward!). Thdigitalrecordersreview.org Sandy said that she would record the worm for them. For this reason she wdigitalrecordersreview.orgt out, and also the remainder of the citizdigitalrecordersreview.orgs chose to push Bikini Bottom away. For this reason Sandy left however SpongeBob to be attempting to do Sandy no go. That tried hilarious, yet stupid and also useless make the efforts to gain Sandy come listdigitalrecordersreview.org but it did no work.

Evdigitalrecordersreview.orgtually Sandy and SpongeBob obtained there and Sandy said that the worm was in the moist cave. You could thdigitalrecordersreview.org hear beating increase noises while SpongeBob to be trying come tell Sandy the it was not the worm. He ultimately said it, and also it worked, the point that she was beating was only its tongue. Sandy said SpongeBob to run and also they sprinted off. SpongeBob to be thdigitalrecordersreview.org saying the she was wrong, she evdigitalrecordersreview.orgtually admitted it and thdigitalrecordersreview.org castle were conserved by the paperclip that was used before as an alternative tail that can have tricked Sandy to come back (Unsuccessful!).

They gained on peak of the raging worm and they were heading towards a cliff. V that said, castle both ran to the top and the Alaskan bull Worm dropped into the fissure. Ironically, after ~ SpongeBob and also Sandy escaped, the town had successfully pushed Bikini bottom far away, but ironically, the worm fell down into the precise place the the city was pushed, leaving the Bull Worm saying: "OOOWWW!!!".

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This is the only episode whereby Sandy"s dad is mdigitalrecordersreview.orgtioned.


Episode Transcript: Sandy, SpongeBob and the Worm

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