is a national nonprofit organization. Our summary Rating gives a snapshot of institution quality based upon the following measures. Learn more about Ratings and why we changed them.

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The check Score Rating reflects state check scores because that this school contrasted with typical statewide scores.
The Student progression Rating to compare the scholastic progress over time for this college to all colleges in the state, using student expansion data noted by the state department of Education.
The equity Rating indicates how well this school is offer disadvantaged students contrasted to various other schools in the state.

Students at this institution are do average academic progress provided where they were last year, contrasted to similar students in the state. Student development Rating

The Student progression Rating steps whether students in ~ this institution are making scholastic progress over time based upon student growth data listed by the department of Education. Specifically, this rating looks at just how much progression individual students have actually made top top state assessments throughout the past year or more, just how this power aligns with meant progress based upon a student development model established by the state department of Education, and also how this school's development data compares to other schools in the state. The growth Rating was created using 2019 Student growth data native Florida room of Education.

Source:; this rating was calculated in 2020 | view more: around this rating

check scores Learn much more about this rating.

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check scores at this institution are about the same as the state average, despite still listed below the top-performing schools in the state. Since test scores in some says are for this reason low, many students at this school may not be performing at grade level.
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