One of the best features of Soul Calibur VI is the character creation mode. Not only does it provide entertainment for players, but it even created a whole community. There are subreddits, YouTube videos, and other outlets for players to express themselves.

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Players either create well-known characters from video games, anime, and TV, or they craft their own original works. Some works are hilarious, while others either trigger nostalgia or awe. Either way, the power of character creation has never been so popular.

To celebrate this great community, here are 10 of the best custom characters made in Soul Calibur VI!

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The three superpowered sisters come to life in this game thanks to SpeedyakaLeah. Instead of being children, they’re of course grown women. All three of the girls have the same shortened kimono on with beautiful leggings to simulate their stockings.

The best detail is the black obi to mirror the black strap on their dresses. The hairstyles and stances for the girls are very fitting, as well. Bubbles is light on her feet, Buttercup assumes an aggressive stance, while Blossom looks pensive. Of course, Buttercup is the one with the weapon, haha.

This Reddit user takes direct inspiration from the popular Batman comic The Killing Joke. S_Warren91 recreated The Joker’s appearance in the comic in Soul Calibur VI. The signature purple suit is there along with his hat and teal tie.

To complete the look is the inclusion of the camera Joker holds on the cover. One wonders if they use it as a weapon…

The best part about this creation is its timing. Todd Phillips’ Joker released in theaters last week, and S_Warren91 posted this beauty in conjunction.

This is an original creation by Reddit user Todokugo. Details and textures really sell home this original character. Instead of your traditional dirty and wrapped mummy, this mummy comes decked out in stylish armor. Note the accents of gold and secondary red palette for a clean balance of colors.

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The adorned cape really sells the regal look for this character. The helmet inspires much mystery and intrigue, as well. The scythe was a great fit considering the sun iconography present on Amul’s armor. A job well done, Todokugo!

Redditor Josh_in_AZ has an ongoing series where he recreates characters from the Legend of Dragoon series into custom SC6. So far, they have over eight posts in their series.

When Josh creates the custom characters, they usually have a torso armor sporting draconic wings with that specific character’s color scheme. They have recreated Meru, Dart, Rose, Haschel, Lavitz, Shana and more.

Let’s take a look at the custom character of Rose. Josh added a lot of details to her armor, incorporating her color scheme very well!

This Redditor drew inspiration from Chinese mythology. Sun Wukong, or Wukong, is the main character of the Chinese classic Journey to the West. He has been mirrored in many aspects of media, from video games to anime/manga. Naturally, someone would try to recreate the icon in SC6. Here comes Warriorsfan99 with a stunning take on the mythological figure.

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A buff and hairy man with a staff, Wukong"s signature golden crown is present alongside a tiger’s hide robe, gauntlets and the best pants possible for this custom character. Throw in those glowing eyes to sell home the godly power, and we have a winner!

Reddit user Kingz_Of_Astora created an awesome dual swordsman for their custom character in Soul Calibur VI. What immediately sticks out are three notable colors: Orange, white/silver, and black. The best features are easily the helmet, swords, and cape. The cape gives Ashura a slightly ominous vibe while maintaining a knightly bravado.

According to Kingz, he made this customer character in a few minutes. What a veteran! Fun fact: KayRadley pitched the name “Ashura” to Kingz; Kay appears later on in this article!

Wanted to play as a Kill la Kill character? Why not the main protagonist? Ryuko Matoi is brought to life thanks to Runethe1412. They went to great lengths to recreate the general structure of Senketsu’s armor. The skirt, boots, and suspenders are all present and accounted for. The hair is almost perfect along with the small horns.

While Senketsu’s eyes could not be replicated, the spirit is there with yellow and red designs in the collar. And how about that sword meant to mimic Ryuko’s scissor blade? Rune also created this character to celebrate Kill la Kill’s sixth anniversary! Great job.

Nightmare, indeed. A common trend in the SoulCaliburCreations subreddit is creating a cartoon with either great realism or horrific accuracy. This custom character of Sonic the Hedgehog definitely falls on the latter spectrum. This is not to say that the custom is bad. It’s brilliant.

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S_Warren91 nailed Sonic’s color, red shoes, fur texture and, of course, golden ring. The golden ring completely sells the whole character. Just imagine Sonic twirling and performing combos with that gaudy thing… absolute perfection.

Splatoon makes a splash in SC6. KayRadley, who pitched a name for Kingz’s original character, also creates custom characters. For this post, they deliver their rendition of the Squid Kid from Splatoon. It’s odd to see the child in a grown female body, but that’s how it goes.

Moving on, the Squid Kid’s outfit is rather simple: Shorts, a white T-shirt, magenta running shoes, and a black mask. Most of the detail went into the green backpack gear and the “vacuum” the inklings use to fight each other. Great job there, Kay!

Remember the earlier comment about toons becoming life-life? While Sonic was horrific in a hilarious way, this Redditor’s creation is hilarious in a ridiculous sense. DrCreateACas found a way to recreate Homer Simpson’s facial dimensions in the character creation tool.

His eyes are bloated and bulging out of his head, just like in The Simpsons show. His mouth is also enlarged and takes up the character’s entire chin. A black tiara is being used to emulate Homer’s hair! One of the best aspects of this character is how built this Homer is! Talk about swole!

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