Omnichannel for Customer organization offers a suite of capabilities that extend the strength of Dynamics 365 Customer organization Enterprise to allow organizations to soon connect and also engage through their customers throughout digital message channels. Second license is required to accessibility Omnichannel for Customer service. For more information, see the Dynamics 365 Customer organization pricing overview and also Dynamics 365 Customer service pricing plan pages.

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Use the complying with list of troubleshooting topics to quickly uncover information to deal with your issue.

The instance isn"t accessible to choose on the provisioning applications


For security, reliability, and also performance reasons, Omnichannel for Customer company is be separated by geographical locations known as "regions". The provisioning webpage only displays instances in the exact same region, therefore you might experience problems where girlfriend don’t view all the instances from the company selector if you have instances in more than one region, and also you provision Omnichannel because that Customer business without choosing the correct region.


Go to the strength Platform admin facility ( Broaden Resources, and also select Dynamics 365. Select the an ar in the upper-right corner and also select a new region native the dropdown list.


The portal will reload once you adjust the region. After it has actually finished reloading, go to Applications > Omnichannel for Customer Service, and then perform the provisioning steps.

The provisioning application you are directed come is linked with the an ar you chose, and all instances located in that region are presented as alternatives for provisioning.


Omnichannel provisioning fails because of expired Teams service principal


If her tenant has actually an expired 365 license, climate the provisioning that Omnichannel for Customer business will fail in her organization.


To avoid the provisioning failure, you have to remove the Teams organization principal and Skype groups Calling API business in Azure energetic Directory (Azure AD), and add it back. Follow the measures to eliminate the services.

Identify the solutions in Azure AD.

Use PowerShell to eliminate Teams and Skype teams Calling API Service.

Add the company principal back.

Identify the services in Azure AD

Select Azure energetic Directory in the left pane.

Select Enterprise Applications.

In the search criteria, select All Applications and also Disabled in Application Type and Application Status.

In the find box, go into the application ID cc15fd57-2c6c-4117-a88c-83b1d56b4bbe for Teams.


In the an outcome that appears, copy the Object ID, and save it. Ensure that the applications ID is cc15fd57-2c6c-4117-a88c-83b1d56b4bbe together this id is exact same for every tenant.

Now, find for Skype teams Calling API organization by entering its application ID 26a18ebc-cdf7-4a6a-91cb-beb352805e81 in the find box.


In the an outcome that appears, copy the Object ID. Make certain that the application ID is 26a18ebc-cdf7-4a6a-91cb-beb352805e81.

Use PowerShell to remove Teams and Skype teams Calling API Service

Select Start, type PowerShell, and also right-click Windows PowerShell and select Run as administrator.


Select Yes ~ above the User Control dialog to permit the application to do changes.

Type the Install-Module AzureAD command in the PowerShell window, and also press Enter. This command installs the PowerShell regulates for interacting with Azure energetic Directory.


PowerShell prompts even if it is to trust the repository. Form Y for yes and press Enter.


Type the Connect-AzureAD command in the PowerShell window, and press Enter.This creates a link with the tenant"s Azure active Directory, so you can regulate it utilizing PowerShell.

Sign in come your organization as a tenant admin.

Run the Remove-AzureADServicePrincipal -ObjectID command in the PowerShell window twice, one each because that Teams and Skype teams Calling API Service. Replace through the object ID you had stored earlier. This command deletes the expired groups service and Skype groups Calling API business from Azure energetic Directory.


Right click in the PowerShell home window to paste the thing ID.

The teams Service and Skype groups Calling API business are eliminated from your organization. Girlfriend can try to delivery Omnichannel because that Customer business again.

Add the company principal for the Permission service app

After remove the expired teams license from the tenant, friend can add the conversation to the tenant again by law the following:

Run the following regulates in the PowerShell window:



$sp=Get-AzureRmADServicePrincipal -ServicePrincipalName $appId

if ($sp -eq $null) New-AzureRmADServicePrincipal -ApplicationId $appId

Start-Process "$appId"

In the browser home window that appears, sign in to your company as a tenant admin to provide the admin consent.


Ignore the error web page that shows up with the post "no answer URLs configured".

Go come Azure energetic Directory > Enterprise Applications.

In the find box, go into 6d32b7f8-782e-43e0-ac47-aaad9f4eb839 for the applications ID. The Permission company O365 is listed.

Select the app, go to the Properties tab, and turn ~ above the Enabled for customers to sign-in toggle.

The conversation is included to the tenant again.

Errors take place when I try to open up Omnichannel for Customer business or Customer business workspace through Omnichannel allowed


As one agent, once you log in in to the Omnichannel because that Customer company application or as soon as you log in ~ above Customer business Workspace with Omnichannel enabled, you watch error messages.


When you open up the Omnichannel because that Customer business application or Customer business workspace v Omnichannel enabled, the system performs a range of tasks including logging in come Omnichannel, preparing for notifications, and setting your presence. If the mechanism encounters any errors if performing these operations, castle are shown on the user interface.

If girlfriend get any of the errors detailed below, check if security Defaults is turn on. If that is turned on, the certified dealer should have the best authentication set up. Alternatively, defense Defaults deserve to be switched off if that is not required.

To learn more about defense Defaults, view the topic What are defense defaults?

If her tenant is configured through Azure security Defaults, make certain your users have actually multi-factor authentication collection up on their accounts. Otherwise, they can run into a solitary sign-on error. To learn more about Azure defense defaults, view What are defense defaults ?

Error messages

There was a trouble with your solitary sign-on account. Please authorize out of all Dynamics 365 apps and sign in again. If this continues, have actually your administrator call support with customer session ID.

Something went wrong if authenticating—please shot again. If this continues, have your administrator call support with the customer session ID.

We couldn"t gain your authentication token—please shot again. If this continues, have actually your administrator call support with the customer session ID.

We couldn"t collection up notifications—please shot again. If this continues, have actually your administrator contact support with the client session ID.

We couldn"t collection up presences—please shot again. If this continues, have your administrator call assistance with the customer session ID.

Something walk wrong while setting up your workspace—please try again. If this continues, have actually your administrator contact assistance with the client session ID.

Error occurs as soon as I shot to produce a conversation widget or social channel


Omnichannel options are set up in your setting when you receive a brand-new trial organization. However, once you try to produce a chat widget, facebook page, or society channel in the Omnichannel management app, error messages comparable to the following can be displayed:

An error arisen in the PreLiveChatConfigCreatePlugin plug-in.An error emerged in the PostOperationFacebookCreatePlugin plug-in.


These errors occur because though the solutions are already installed in your environment, they must be activated prior to you have the right to start using them. Come provision the solutions, execute the steps outlined in supplication Omnichannel because that Customer Service.

Unable come deploy custom systems containing Agentscript solution


When you try to deploy a practice solution, it stops working on account of a dependency on the Agentscript solution, i beg your pardon is component of Omnichannel because that Customer Service.


The Agentscript solution has been deprecated and also was not existing in the target environment. It has actually been changed by the msdyn_Agentscripts solution.


We recommend that you eliminate all referrals of the Agentscript systems from the practice solution, and then reimport the solution.

Power virtual Agents bot conversations show up as active on dashboard even after client has ended chat


Conversations because that Power virtual Agents bot can not be ended in Omnichannel for Customer Service and therefore will be watched as active on the super dashboard also after they have been closed.


You deserve to configure a paper definition variable that will explicitly end the bot conversation in Omnichannel for Customer company after client close the conversation window. In Power online Agents, produce a independent topic because that CloseOmnichannelConversation paper definition variable through the change property set to global. Invoke the subject in an additional topic the you"ve configured because that the bot.

Though the conversation will certainly be closeup of the door in Omnichannel because that Customer Service, it will not be closed in Power virtual Agents and also appear in the Escalation rate drivers KPI in Power digital Agents Analytics dashboard.


Make certain that girlfriend have accessibility to strength Automate come configure a flow so that the bot conversation in Omnichannel for Customer organization can it is in ended.

To configure ending a bot conversation, perform the following steps:

In Power online Agents, for the selected bot, configure a new topic.Select Go to authoring canvas, and also in Add node, pick Call one action, and also then select Create a flow.On the power Automate home window that opens up on a new tab, execute the following:In the Return value(s) come Power online Agents box, choose Add an input, and also then select Yes/No.In the Enter title box, go into CloseOmnichannelConversation, i beg your pardon is the Omnichannel for Customer organization context variable name.In the Enter a value to respond box, pick the Expression tab, and then get in bool(true) to construct the expression, and also select OK.Save the changes, and then departure Power Automate.In the topic the you were editing, select Call an action again, and then in the list, select the flow that friend created.In Add node, select End the conversation, and then choose Transfer come agent.>
Go come the object in which you must invoke the subject for ending the bot conversation in Omnichannel because that Customer Service, and also use the Go to one more topic option in Add a node.Select the topic the you produced for ending the bot conversation.Save and also publish the changes.

Additionally, you deserve to configure automated message in Omnichannel for Customer business that will certainly be presented to the client after the conversation ends.

Chat widget symbol does not load on the portal


Chat symbol doesn"t fill on the portal. The chat symbol URL which to be configured together default doesn"t load.


You can use an symbol of your selection by point out the attach of the icon in the Chat widget construction page. Execute the actions outlined in Configure a conversation widget.

Chat not gaining initiated on starting a new chat from portal


A article stating Sorry, we"re no able to serve you at the moment is presented to the customers as soon as they start a chart on the portal. The possible issues could be one of the following:

Agents not configured in the queue.

Allowed visibility is no updated in the work-related stream: The default work-related streams that space shipped out-of-the-box, does not have actually Allowed Presence worths in the occupational stream.



As one administrator, make certain of the following:

Chat widget walk not fill on the portal


Chat widget walk not pack on the portal. There are multiple factors this might happen. This section has five feasible resolutions.

Resolution 1: ar option

The ar option for the conversation widget can be configured incorrectly.

Delete the place in Widget location, and then recreate it.

To delete and add Widget location for the conversation widget, execute the following:

Sign in to the Omnichannel Administration app.

Go to Administration > Chat.

Select a chat widget indigenous the list.

Select the Location tab.

Select a record in the Widget Location section, and also then select Delete.

Select Save.

Select Add in the Widget Location ar to add a record. The quick produce pane that the chat widget location appears.

Specify the following.

TitleType the location of record.
ValueThe website domain wherein the chat widget have to be displayed. The domain format should not include the protocol (http or https). For example, the website is Now, the worth is

Select Save to save the record.

Go come the website and also check whether the conversation widget loads.


The chat widget requires session storage and also local warehouse to be useful in your browser. Make certain you have actually cookies permitted in your internet browser so these services can work properly.

Resolution 3: clear portal cache

Clear the portal cache by act the following:

Go to your portal and also sign in as a portal administrator.

Reload the portal.

Also, make certain that your web browser enables third-party cookies.

Resolution 4: Sync portal configurations

To sync portal configurations, carry out the following:

Find and select your portal, and also then select Edit.

Resolution 5: Restart portal

Restart the portal by doing the following:

Select her portal, and also then under Advanced options, select Settings > Administration.

Agents not receiving conversation in Omnichannel for Customer Service


As one agent, you aren"t receiving chat in the Omnichannel because that Customer service app. The problem is brought about when you receive the chats in Customer service Hub app.


You have to remove the Customer service Hub application from the channel provider construction in the Channel Integration framework app.

Sign in to Channel Integration Framework.Select the record that is concerned omnichannel.Remove Customer company Hub native the Select Unified interface Apps because that the Channel section.Select Save to save the record.

Conversation is stuck in wrap-up state


As an agent or a supervisor, you check out that part conversations are stuck in the wrap-up state in your Omnichannel certified dealer Dashboard or Omnichannel ongoing Conversations Dashboard.


When conversations are ended by the agent or customer, they change to the wrap-up state. In order come close the conversation, the main agent assigned come the conversation demands to near the conversation in the conference panel. To learn an ext about closing sessions, see manage sessions in Omnichannel because that Customer Service. Come learn more about the wrap-up conversation state, see know conversation claims in Omnichannel for Customer Service.

Dashboards execute not show up in Omnichannel because that Customer Service active dashboards view


When you usage the Omnichannel for Customer Service app on Unified company Desk or on web, the Active Omnichannel certified dealer Dashboard watch doesn"t show specific dashboards prefer Tier 1 Dashboard, Tier 2 Dashboard, understanding Manager, and also My understanding Dashboard.


As a mechanism customizer or administrator, you have to manually add these dashboards using app designer.

To include the dashboards using application designer, follow these steps:

Go come the ellipsis (...) button in the Omnichannel for Customer Service app tile.
Select OPEN IN app DESIGNER. The app Designer opens up in a new tab.Select Dashboards in the canvas area. The Components pane in the appropriate side reflects the list of Classic Dashboards and Interactive Dashboards.Select the adhering to dashboards under Interactive Dashboards.Knowledge ManagerMy knowledge DashboardTier 1 DashboardTier 2 Dashboard
Select Save and also then choose Publish.

Agent dashboard no loading or is offering an authorization error


The issue might happen due to the complying with reasons:

Azure active Directory consent is not available for Omnichannel for Customer organization app.Agent doesn"t the Omnichannel agent duty privileges.Agent is no assigned to any type of queue.


Perform the following:

An error emerged in the interaction panel


After you sign in to the Unified service Desk customer application, you check out the following error message.

An error emerged in the interaction panel. Restart Unified organization Desk and shot again. (Error code - AAD_ID_MISMATCH - Azure ADID mismatched through logged-in user id)

While signing in to Unified organization Desk friend must go into the customer Service application credentials and sign in, and also again, friend are presented a dialog to get in credentials to affix to Dataverse server.When girlfriend enter different credentials, this concern occurs.


If you usage Chrome process to hold applications, walk to C:Users\AppDataRoamingdigitalrecordersreview.orgUSD and also delete the CEF folder. Now, authorize in come Unified service Desk client application and try again.

Communication dashboard doesn"t fill in Omnichannel for Customer company app


Communication dashboard doesn"t fill in Omnichannel because that Customer company app:

When a record doesn"t exist in the Channel Integration frame app.When configuration don"t sync.


Create a Channel Integration structure record with the adhering to values.

FieldvalueNameOmnichannelLabelOmnichannelChannel URL?uci=true&env=&ocBaseUrl=&ucilib=/webresources/Widget/msdyn_ciLibrary.jsEnable Outbound CommunicationNoChannel Order0API Version1.0Select Unified user interface Apps for the ChannelOmnichannel because that Customer ServiceSelect the roles for the ChannelOmnichannel administrator Omnichannel certified dealer

To sync the configurations, eliminate the channel and roles, add them again and save the record.

Sign in to the Dynamics 365 apps.Select the dropdown switch on Dynamics 365 and also select Channel Integration Framework.Select the Omnichannel record from the list.Remove Omnichannel for Customer Service native the Select Unified user interface Apps because that the Channel section.Add Omnichannel for Customer Service again in the Select Unified user interface Apps for the Channel section.Remove Omnichannel agent, Omnichannel supervisor, and also Omnichannel administrator native the Select the roles for the Channel section.Add Omnichannel agent, Omnichannel supervisor, and also Omnichannel administrator again in the Select the functions for the Channel section.Select Save to conserve the record.Sign in come Omnichannel for Customer business app and also check if the interaction panel loads.

User presence isn’t loading or it’s showing unknown


The worry might happen as result of the complying with reasons:

Cookies room blocked in the browser.Azure energetic Directory consent is not easily accessible for Omnichannel because that Customer organization app.Agent doesn"t have the Omnichannel agent function privileges.Capacity and also default presence are no set.


Perform the following:

Ensure that cookies room not blocked in the web browser in any type of mode so that agent and supervisor presence deserve to work properly.

Pre-imported Unified company Desk configurations in Customer service organization


Dynamics 365 Customer company organization the you create from have pre-imported sample Unified business Desk configuration.

If you income the Unified service Desk - Omnichannel because that Customer organization package there is no deleting the existing configuration in the new demo org, you watch an error after signing in come Unified company Desk client application. The reason for the worry is lot of sample Unified service Desk configurations can not exist in a Customer organization instance.


You have to delete the present sample solutions before importing the Omnichannel for Customer business - Unified organization Desk package. The pre-imported sample solutions are as follows:

USDISHCustomization or USDWebClientCustomization (one the these remedies would be existing depending on the org template)USDUnifiedInterfaceCustomizationDynamicsUnifiedServiceDeskUiiFordigitalrecordersreview.orgDynamicsCRM

After girlfriend delete the solutions, income the Unified business Desk - Omnichannel because that Customer company package.

To delete the solutions, follow this steps:

Sign in come the Dynamics 365 instance.Choose Settings > Solutions on the nav bar.Select among the remedies on the Solutions page by choosing the check box, and also then choose Delete. Girlfriend are triggered to check uninstalling a regulated solution. Pick OK to proceed. USDISHCustomization or USDWebClientCustomization (one the these remedies would be current depending top top the org template)USDUnifiedInterfaceCustomizationDynamicsUnifiedServiceDeskUiiFordigitalrecordersreview.orgDynamicsCRM


You should delete the remedies in the following order:

USDISHCustomization or USDWebClientCustomizationUSDUnifiedInterfaceCustomizationDynamicsUnifiedServiceDeskUiiFordigitalrecordersreview.orgDynamicsCRM2011

You must follow the stimulate to eliminate the solutions because some that the contents in the solution rely on the contents in the various other solution.

After the solution is removed, repeat the procedures to delete the other solutions.

Unable to launch Unified service Desk customer application


When you authorize in to Unified organization Desk, you watch the complying with error.

APPLICATION_HOST_ERR_NO_CONFIGURED_APPS: applications space configured for your use.

The concern is due to the package deployment failure.


You should deploy the Unified organization Desk - Omnichannel for Customer business package again. To learn more, watch Deploy Unified company Desk – Omnichannel because that Customer business package.

Conversation manage becomes blank


Conversation widget becomes blank while swapping in between browser tabs in Google Chrome or Chromium-based Edge.


Upgrade your internet browser version as per the device requirements the Dynamics 365 Channel Integration structure version 2.0. To find out more, see mechanism requirements.

After Omnichannel for Customer service is provisioned, I acquire an authentication error top top the certified dealer dashboard.


The adhering to error blog post is shown on the agent dashboard after i provision Omnichannel for Customer Service.

Something walk wrong if authenticating—please try again. If this continues, have actually your administrator contact assistance with the client session ID.


The issue occurs as soon as you rename the org URL but don’t update the channel URL ~ you"ve provisioned Omnichannel because that Customer Service.

On the left pane, choose Apps, and then native the applications list, select Omnichannel because that Customer Service.

Select the ellipsis (...) button, scroll under the list, and also select App file manager.

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Select the administrator application (either Customer service workspace or Omnichannel Administration), and then select Channel provider.The energetic Channel suppliers list is displayed.

Do the following:

Make sure that the omnichannel channel provider document is detailed and is in the active state.If the omnichannel record is no active, choose the record, and then pick Activate on the food selection bar.On the General tab of the omnichannel record, make certain that the Channel URL field consists of the org info as presented in the following example: