YouTube is the world’s many popular video site with lots of new content from millions of creators being uploaded come the Google-owned communication every single minute across the planet.

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With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, YouTube has become even much more important for countless businesses out there as civilization turn to virtual content intake on the daily.

Not lengthy ago, the search giant unveiled a brand-new tool dubbed YouTube video Builder to ease the pains of developing videos because that creatives v scaled-down sources or rather video-making tools.


How carry out I set my video clip to Public? Every video I upload sets itself to Private. Once I try to go in and collection it to public, it claims “error saving video data”. This began today and also hasn’t taken place before. Anyone got any type of advice?Source

I to be uploading a video clip it is set as public. As soon as the video clip uploads, the is set to private. Ns CANNOT set it come public due to the fact that when I shot to modify the setup and save, it says, “error saving video data”. Don’t know what rather to do. You re welcome help.Source

Uploading a video on my iPad, it was selected public, yet when uploading, it to be private, help ME. I have actually tried to make it public, but it says: error saving video dataSource

Going by the countless reports in the Google support YouTube community, it appears this concern is affecting the mobile version of the app, it is in it ~ above Android or iOS. If Google hasn’t responded, influenced users are already looking because that workarounds and also so far, there seems to be one functioning magic.

Apparently, addressing the YouTube “error saving video clip data” an insect is pretty simple. On your channel page, merely click the “Share” switch on your video clip and you’ll be motivated to “Publish” the video. The video will then immediately become “Unlisted”.

Next is to walk to your uploaded video and tap ~ above “Edit”. You should be able to successfully change the setting to “Public” without obtaining the error message. Alternatively, someone else says you can simply upload your video in desktop mode together a workaround because that this bug.

Whichever methods work because that you now is fine, at the very least until Google comes up v an official solution.

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