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This Sonic\"s is pure trash, and I feel favor the fool for always trying to offer them another chance. In this particular visit, i ordered a Sonic\"s Blast through Reese\"s peanut butter cups. Us waited a tiny longer 보다 I usually would like, yet I looked past that. The man who lugged them the end lazily brought them to the car, swinging the drink holder with no sense of urgency in ~ all. Ok, that was hot so i thought maybe he to be tired.Got the Blast and also it looked good. It had actually an adequate...read complete review
The manager to be rude and disrespectful!!! and also it wasn\"t only towards me the she was favor that with various other customers and also employees if you\"re not happy with your task then don\"t work!!! i was there 30 come 45 minutes provide it castle was liven that\"s why i don\"t understand why the manager and also another employee waitress was exterior smoking. It was a an extremely bad experience. But there is one bright side to this endure was the waitress that carried us our food was Christina I believe she apologized...read full review

She do me feel prefer I was an inconvenience gift there. She cut me off 4 seperate times to questioning if that was walk to it is in it, and when i would say no i still had more to order (we\"re a household of 7) she would make it very obvious that ns was annoying her.I literally nearly told her i was sorry because that coming because she made me feeling so bad about it ?Also adding, it to be 2:15, and also there were just 2 other vehicles there, so that wasn\"t favor they to be swamped during a busy lunch hour.
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