This week, I got to out because that a BBLT, with twin the B that an plain BLT, at "America"s Drive-In," Sonic, through 3,600 restaurants across the land of the free, etc.

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This is the best news I"ve heard in the drive-thru in a lengthy time. That is gastronomically impossible to get enough bacon top top a BLT. The Sonic public relations maker says currently you don"t need to splurge on a side order that extra bacon (my trusty trick).

Here"s the BBLT breakdown: Bacon and much more bacon, chopped lettuce, hand-sliced tomatoes, and also creamy mei on a brioche bun.

Total calories: 660. Fat grams: 39. Sodium: 1,350 mg. Carbs: 42 g. Diet fiber: 3 g. Protein: 24 g. Manufacturer"s imply retail price: $3.99, consisting of a medium side that tater tots. Love castle Sonic tots. To round the end this an excellent bargain meal, gain an stimulate of onion rings. I have actually no proof, however I think Sonic roll its O-rings in funnel cake flour. Yum.

Any menu item the starts through a letter B (for bacon), and also then doubles down, is a surefire winner. Sonic doesn"t take any kind of chances, the bacon is supervisor crispy v no undercooked, slimy white streaks. Sonic said the tomatoes room hand-sliced. (Whew! That"s a relief, I assumed for a moment they to be cutting this tomatoes v their feet.)The brioche bun is fine, however you can"t win toasted white bread for an old-school BLT. Typically I say host the mei to cut calories and fat, but a BLT might be the one sandwich that can"t do without a shmear the Hellman"s.

You recognize what"s even far better than a BLT? A BT. Finest of all, a BBT. Lettuce is a waste of time and also chewing energy. It"s maddening when a couple of bits the lettuce flee your sandwich and also escape under your car seat, shed in that an are you can"t with without gaining a cramp in your neck. How a vegetable with absolutely no flavor deserve to stink up a auto two weeks later is a clinical wonder.

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Also in the area the wonder, the "two guys" in the Sonic commercials room back. It"s been 13 years, and also they"re tho cranking out the spots. In situation you didn"t recognize who castle are, the dumb male is actor and also writer Peter Grosz, a Northwestern grad who wrote because that the Colbert Report and had a recurring function on Veep. The dumber guy is improv comedy gibbs TJ Jagodowski, a Syracuse grad, wherein Charlie Pallilo toiled in academia. 


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