Local Number 1-866-627-6994 National Toll-Free 1-800-772-1213 TTY 1-870-735-0143

MON: 09:00 to be – 03:00 PM; TUES: 09:00 am – 03:00 PM; WED: 09:00 to be – 12:00 PM; THUR: 09:00 to be – 03:00 PM; FRI: 09:00 to be – 03:00 PM; satellite & SUN: CLOSED

TAKE MISSOURI STREET departure ON interstate 40. Rotate WEST top top SHOPPINGWAY at RED LIGHT. THE OFFICE IS IN THE GUARANTY OFFICE PLAZA ~ above THE southern SID E of THE STREET. H&R BLOCK IS top top THE WEST end OF THE PLAZA, and also SOCIAL protection IS on THE eastern END of THE PLAZA.

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West Memphis AR Social security office assign Social security numbers come U.S. Citizens.They also maintains income records under employees Social security numbers and administrates Supplemental Security revenue program because that the aged, blind and also disabled. Social protection Answers is right here to help. Ask her question. Someone has the answer.

West Memphis AR Social defense Office Tips:

Show increase Early: West Memphis AR Social protection office is usually very crowded. Friend must understand every human being needs to carry out Social protection number when compelled by a organization or government entity. Therefore a lot of human being may be at the Social security office with inquiries or concerns concerned their Social defense number or benefits.Be ready to wait: With too many of world at her local West Memphis AR Social defense office, if you are late you will need to wait. The best method to avoid the long lines in ~ the social defense office is to acquire to the office early.Be all set with your Documents: If you are applying for her Social defense Card or any kind of other Social security issues, be sure to take through you every your required documents.Bring a snack: With the regularly long wait, friend may gain hungry. If you do, you can snack while you wait in West Memphis AR Social defense office. Girlfriend don’t desire to miss out on your number being called since you went the end to purchase a snack.

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Keep a Cool Head: With lots of human being at the Social security office waiting to be watched it’s basic to gain frustrated and loosened you cool. Remember that the West Memphis AR social protection office counselors are there to aid you. Keeping a cool head and being courteous will assist speed the process along. Over all, reap the day. You may meet meet a girlfriend while girlfriend wait.

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