Sling TV is one on-demand net television and also streaming service. It has actually a fine selection of miscellaneous TV series, shows, and also movies in its library of channels. The most impressive thing, however, is that Sling TV can be streamed from virtually any device. These include Smart TVs, Android TVs & phones, iOS devices, digital media players, etc.

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But, simply like any type of other application or streaming service, Sling TV has actually its same share the problems. The most typical problem is the Sling TV error ‘(10-100)’. The error reads as follows:

Please pressure close the app and wait 1 minute. If this difficulty persists, you re welcome visit ‘’ to chat v us. (10-100)


A slow-moving or stormy internet connection can also be the culprit for this issue. The Sling TV app can encounter difficulties trying to log in on a faulty connection. Check to watch if your internet link is functioning properly. You should shot the complying with practices:

Disconnect any kind of other device connected come the internet.Close any kind of background program that may be running.Have the web router it is in closer come the device.Restart your net router.Check if your link meets minimum web speed requirements for the Sling TV App.

4) Re-install the Sling TV App

If all else fails, then together a last resort, re-install the Sling TV App. Uninstalling the Sling TV app will likewise delete every the cache and any other linked files with it the may have been the issue.

After a fresh install, the Sling TV app will come with the latest version. Hopefully, this will fix the issue.

5) VPN Users

The Sling TV application is one American television service and also isn’t accessible outside of the united States. Individuals who may be using a VPN might come across the error as result of their IP addresses no being of the joined States. In this case, you have the right to either revolve off your VPN or collection it up to have a us IP address.

While the Sling TV error 10-100 is common, that isn’t always the error at the user’s end. The company can be under at times. The is finest to contact their client support once the solutions are down.

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We hope this overview helped settle the error because that the users. Have actually anything to add? know of any type of other solution that can assist solve the error? Comment down below and let us know.