Music by and Lukasz GottwaldOriginally carry out by Kelly Clarkson"Since U been Gone" is a song recorded by American singer Kelly Clarkson from her second studio album, Breakaway (2004). The song, which to be written and also produced by Max Martin and also Lukasz "Dr. Luke" Gottwald, to be released together the lead solitary from Breakaway two weeks prior to the album was released. It is an uptempo pop rock, and power pop track that infuses digital sound v a mixture of soft and also loud alternative rock sound. Martin initially wrote "Since U been Gone" through Pink in mind yet she turned that down. It to be then given to hilary Duff yet she garbage the song since she can not with its greater notes. The tune was lastly given come Clarkson ~ Clive Davis persuaded the authors to provide it come her. Clarkson chose to include heavier guitars and harder drums to the track after noticing that the demo had an apparent pop sound. Lyrically, the song is composed from a woman"s suggest of check out where she expresses her feeling of relief v the finish of she troubled relationship.

release Date: 2004

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