Hi all! I"m Emily, a 25-year-old Simmer (and Aquarius!). I"m currently on the Onyx generation the the not So Berry an obstacle 2.

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Not for this reason Berry challenge 2

Couldn’t get enough of the original Not so Berry heritage Challenge? Wishing you might play a difficulty with every the new packs, careers, and aspirations? If you’ve to be daydreaming around an updated no So Berry an obstacle (2020), look no further!

Welcome come the not So Berry Legacy an obstacle 2, a ten generation rags-to-riches legacy difficulty with colour-themed heirs. Note: This challenge requires basically every pack other than My an initial Pet Stuff and Journey to Batuu (…y’all know why).

Thank you come
lilsimsie​ and also
alwaysimming​ because that the incentive (and the rules!).

Basic rules:

Each heir must represent the color of the generation (like hair, makeup, clothing), yet brightly-coloured skin isn’t necessary.The colours of the pair don’t issue as castle aren’t part of the challenge. Unless otherwise declared you can do everything you please through them.Cheats deserve to be used, however not excessively.You may live wherever you please uneven something is mentioned in the rule of a generation.Every generation is supposed to complete both the career and also aspiration the the heir unless explicitly declared otherwise.Keep the lifespan on normal.Generation One: Onyx

Growing up, you had a hard life. Her parents were always struggling, and they rarely had actually time to raise you. You invested a most time eating snacks rather of meals and also hanging out at the park. Honestly? You sort of resent them because that it. You know you’ll never ever treat her own children that way. In fact, you’d perform anything for your kids… including indulging in a little five-finger discount in ~ the neighbour’s house.

Traits: Family-Oriented, Kleptomaniac, Loves Outdoors

Aspiration: huge Happy Family

Career: babysitter (Teen), Business


Complete the big Happy family aspiration and also reach level 10 that the company career.Max the logic, mischief, and parenting skills.Have a an unfavorable relationship through both her parents.Every time friend Woohoo, it need to be “try because that a baby”.Add a brand-new piercing or tattoo because that every new child girlfriend have.Generation Three: Morganite

Your parental was a bit of a public figure, however you always shied far from the limelight. You prefer cats and romance novels, and all you really want to carry out is knit clothing for charity. You lead a publication club and sometimes play the piano once the other book club members ask friend to.

Traits: Cat-Lover, Creative, Bookworm

Aspiration: lord or Lady of the Knits

Career: Politician (Charity Organizer branch)


Complete the mr or Lady the the Knits aspiration and also reach level 10 that the Politician job in the Charity Organizer branch.Max the knitting, charisma, and piano skills.Adopt at the very least two cat from the shelter and one stray cat.Lead a book club.Have one on-again, off-again partnership with a publication club member.Never marry.Generation Five: Citrine

As the son of an engineer, you’re familiar with mechanics and electricity and also the inevitable dark feather of smoke. As you gain older, you realize you desire to comprise for the carbon footprint of her parent with living an completely green life. As a vegetarian, you love reasoning up brand-new and an innovative recipes, and also the cooking channel is the soundtrack of your life.

Traits: Vegetarian, environment-friendly Fiend, Recycle Disciple

Aspiration: Eco Innovator

Career: civil Designer


Complete the Eco Innovator aspiration and reach level 10 that the civil Designer career.Max the cooking, gourmet cooking, and juice fizzing skills.Have a “green” lot with extremely decreased bills.Maintain one herb garden for her kitchen.Host a ar barbecue every Saturday afternoon.Generation Seven: Amber

Okay, so, your parent went off the deep end and also now you have actually no money. Not to worry! You’ve always been interested in the outdoors and also travelling, for this reason you decision to end up being an archaeologist. That’ll bring in part money… right? You take on a task gardening too, just in case.

Traits: Goofball, Good, Erratic

Aspiration: Archaeology Scholar

Career: Gardener


Complete the Archaeology Scholar aspiration and reach level 10 the the Gardening career.Max the archaeology, gardening, and also Selvadorian culture skills.Collect all 9 relics.Have pair a couple of days before you end up being an elder (you might cheat for this).Generation Nine: Topaz

Your family members has a long and lustrous history. You’ve to be told your oldest ancestor had nothing yet 100 Simoleons to their name. Well, you have actually no interest in letting your good name involved an end. You look for to preserve the bloodline forevermore v immortality (…and society media).

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Traits: Snob, Art-Lover, Hot-Headed

Aspiration: Vampire Family

Career: society Media (Internet Personality branch)


Complete the Vampire family members aspiration and also reach level 10 of the social Media career in the web Personality branch.Max the painting, pipeline organ, media production, and vampire lore skills.Become a grasp vampire.Become a 5-star celebrity.Turn her spouse into a vampire*.*You may, if friend wish, surname the Ruby heir Carlisle. You may not, under any circumstances, surname them Edward.

Congratulations! You’ve perfect the no So Berry Legacy difficulty 2! …Now what?