If your mounted Expansion and also Stuff package aren’t showing as set up in your Applications > electronic Arts > The Sims 3 folder and you space receiving the Unknown Error post then you have to follow the instructions listed below to obtain your packs functioning properly. This is connected to, however not the very same as, the various other Unknown Error message through which files need copying indigenous one EP to the other. Friend will also need to more than likely follow those indict in stimulate to finish the installation successfully. Get yourself comfortable before doing this, relying on how plenty of EPs and SPs you have actually it might take a while!

Symptom:You have actually just download and mounted an development or Stuff pack through Origin however the fill is not arriving in your Applications > digital Arts > The Sims 3 folder. If you try to beginning the video game from one more EP/SP or the base game you obtain the Unknown Error message.

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Affected Expansion and Stuff Packs:Ambitions, quick Lane, late Night, out Living

Affected Macs:All those downloading and also installing the digital version of the affected packs v Origin.

Cause:During the installation process the include on fill alias (shortcut) is no being included to the basic game Application folder therefore the video game cannot discover it.

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Navigate to her base video game in Applications > electronic Arts > The Sims 3, right click on it and also then choose Show package Contents.In the Finder window that opens up navigate to contents > resources > AddOns. Here you will watch the symbol for the packDouble click the pack icon you space missing. Friend may get a popup telling you an upgrade is available, walk ahead and also update. If girlfriend are additional prompted to update Permissions then go ahead and also enter her password when prompted (this is a macOS security feature).After the upgrade you will certainly probably acquire the Unknown Error post again. Just click ok.Now right click the add-on pack and also select Make Alias. Traction the alias document you have actually just created into the Applications > electronic Arts > The Sims 3 folder so the folder now has the basic game and all her EP/SP shortcuts (aliases) in it. Delete the alias from the paper name so it just has the surname of the EP/SP.Repeat the above for every EP/SP that has not installed into the Sims 3 Applications folder.