The Signature Sleep contour 8 provides an excellent value for its very low price. Although inferior in quality to the more expensive alternatives, it\"s a an excellent entry allude into the group of new generation mattresses.

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Very great motion isolation for its kindAbove-average lifespan


Very short warrantySlight off-gassing when unpackedMust use a foundation

Full Signature Sleep edge 8 Mattress Review

A dominant force in the mattress market is Signature Sleep and for great reason: They have actually consistently created quality therapeutic storage foam and coil feather mattresses in ~ reasonable prices. The Signature Sleep contour 8 is one of their premier offerings, designed to satisfy the demands of back pains sufferers to gain a luxurious sleep every night.

What type of Mattress is the Signature Sleep edge 8?

The edge 8 is a coil spring mattress that combines the latest in spring technology and with high high quality foam. The coils are individually wrapped and also are designed to flex to the contours of your body. Within each coil fill is a progressive tempered steel feather that quickly adjusts to your body, however has a stiff part that help to prevent sagging together the mattress is provided over the years.

How certain is the contour 8?

The edge 8 is a medium firm mattress the is soft sufficient to carry out body contour assistance for next sleepers, which frequently complain the their spine and also neck hurts since the mattress walk not give enough. This mattress will pull the side of her body in so your neck has actually the perfect edge for resting on a pillow without strain.

The edge 8 is also good for stomach sleepers that desire to use a pillow without feeling like the bed is pushing your neck off of the mattress. A great all around mattress, that works good for ago sleepers that want a good mix of earlier support, however do not want to feel like they are resting on a concrete slab. This mattress is designed to job-related with any sleep place and carry out therapeutic benefits to each one, thanks to it’s gradual coil spring and also memory foam design.

Does it Provide an excellent Motion Isolation?

The Signature Sleep contour 8 gives a level of motion isolation that exceeds all expectations for a spring coil mattress. If you sleep beside a irradiate sleeper and also every activity you do wakes them up, that will be a point of the past with this mattress. Even if it is you are acquiring in or the end of bed, or if you move roughly while sleeping, or for every little thing reason motion transfer is an issue, this is the mattress that have the right to solve it without blowing out your bank account.

The mattress eliminates activity transfer with its personally wrapped steady spring coil style that keeps vibrations come a minimum and also focuses her body weight on the maximum variety of individual springs. There space thousands that springs in the contour 8 and also each is draft to work-related independently because they room suspended in storage cell foam the isolates every spring.

It have to be noted that while the mattress will certainly isolate motion, the usage of linens on your bed will reason you come feel your partner’s motion, so it is worthwhile to purchase high quality linens that fit the mattress.

Does the contour 8 end up being Hot While ns Sleeping?

The contour 8 is design to aid dissipate heat build up the often reasons people come constantly have to pull consist of on and also take them off, or reasons them to get night sweats. Regardless of the finish result, these species of issues with heat will do you remain up every night.

The Contour uses a proprietary feather coil and also memory foam style that draws wait from the sides that the mattress. The heat produced by your body helps to draw the air in and also out the height of the mattress. Warm builds up straight underneath your body, therefore the air should travel far from her body so it deserve to dissipate the heat. The coil springs space wrapped in a breathable membrane and isolated through an open up cell memory foam that enables air to transfer throughout the mattress.

So in short, no: it doesn’t heat up.

How Long deserve to I expect It to Last?

Signature Sleep estimates that the edge 8 will certainly last because that about 10 years, if the is used on a nightly basis. The mattress is backed by a 1 year minimal warranty, yet the firm estimates the mattress will certainly be serviceable because that 10. The median mattress will certainly be serviceable for around 7 years, for this reason the contour 8 will certainly last approximately 40% longer than the sector average.

Will It Smell when Unpacked?

Slightly. The edge 8 comes packaged in a little cylindrical bag that keeps it from gift soiled or damaged throughout delivery. The mattress is permitted a few days to air the end at the factory prior to it is packaged because that delivery. However, once the mattress arrives at your home, Signature Sleep recommends the you permit 24 come 48 hours for the mattress to completely air out. Placed a pan in the room that draws air the end of the room, open up a window or store your bedroom door cracked throughout the day and night. The odor is not obnoxious like countless memory cell foam mattresses, but is an ext a odor of the packaging that is sealed against the elements. It will certainly be totally gone in a few days.

How space the great Structured?


On optimal of the coil springs is a 1.25” high thickness memory foam that hugs your body for comfort and also support.Next is a 12 Indentation load Deflection (ILD) foam that is medium-soft and also encased in a quilted pillow top, i beg your pardon provides second layer the comfort and support, while providing stiffening for the edge of the mattress.The inner layers that the mattress space encased in a fire retardant barrier, which meat the criter of commonwealth regulations.Finally, the mattress is spanned in a polyester noodle blend jacquard the helps reduce friction and dissipates heat.

What size are available and will The Mattress right in mine Room?

The edge 8 is offered four different mattress sizes available:

Twin – 39” x 75”Full – 54” x 75”Queen – 60” x 80”King – 76” x 80”

The contour 8 is 8 inch thick (duh!).

Does it require A Bed Foundation?

Yes. Signature Sleep recommends that you use a top quality foundation or communication bed to administer the appropriate support for the contour 8. There is no a quality foundation, the contour 8 will certainly not supply it’s draft therapeutic and heat dissipation qualities, and the mattress will not last as long as advertised.

Likewise, failure to usage the proper foundation will void the warranty. The mattress have to never it is in placed straight on the floor together this will promote sagging and also will hamper ventilation transparent the mattress.

Does it need a Mattress Pad?

Signature Sleep recommends the usage of a quality, thin mattress pad on height of the edge 8. Ensure the mattress pad used permits for maximum breathability, while protecting the mattress native stains, soiling or fluid penetration that can void the warranty.

How execute I treatment for the edge 8 Mattress?

Signature Sleep proposal the usage of a mattress pad to avoid soiling the the mattress, however if soiling does occur precaution is crucial to prevent permanent damage to the contour 8. Automatically use a towel or various other absorbent material to attract as lot of the liquid off the mattress. Using a slightly wet sponge with heat water and antibacterial soap, gently blot the soiled area. Do not press down tough onto the surface ar as this will simply cause water to penetrate right into the mattress, i m sorry might void the warranty. The sponge have to be right wet together you desire the sponge to attract off the fluids. To wash the sponge and also wring it till it is right wet, and also rinse the area v the very same blotting motion. Use a fan to traction air away indigenous the mattress and also outside or into one more room to advice the drying process.

What sort of Warranty go Signature Sleep Offer?

Signature Sleep supplies a 1 year limited warranty covering materials and manufacturing defects. If there is a defect in workmanship or the materials, the mattress will be replaced, repaired or substituted with materials of equal or greater quality. Any repair or instead of does not expand the warranty.

How much Does the contour 8 Cost?

If it wasn’t because that the an extremely disappointing warranty, this mattress would certainly be a true diamond together it provides lots of great quality in ~ a tiny price. In fact, after ~ discount it have the right to be purchased because that just$309.99in its Queen size. It no a secret why it’s to be on top of many best-seller lists because that so much time.

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If for everything reason you think this is not the mattress for you, girlfriend can take into consideration the Sleep developments SureTemp 12-Inch memory foam mattress, which is another bargain hold its very own in comparison with much higher-priced deluxe alternatives. And make sure you check out our proactively maintained Mattress guide to gain other an excellent ideas.

What are the Pros and Cons the the contour 8?


Exceptional activity isolation for this kind of mattressVery an excellent lifespan contrasted to that competitors


1 year restricted warranty the is very unforgivingWill have actually a slight smell upon un-packingMust usage a foundation