Shes a negative thing thick together hell it is my infant

Get of shes a negative thing thick as hell thats my infant song you love. List has Shes a poor thing thick as hell thats my baby song of enlarge one songs and hot brand-new releases. Gain known every word of her favorite track or start your own karaoke party tonight :-).

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AMINÉ text - CarolineI mean, shit to be honest with you, man, she's a... Poor thang, fine together hell, thick together fuck. Five my god, that's mine baby. Caroline, girlfriend divine. Mighty fine. Shawty really...
Caroline text - AmineIs that true man? I simply wanna know. I average shit, to be honest with girlfriend man. She's a. Negative thing, shit. Fine as hell, woo. Thick as fuck, five my god. That's my baby.
WILLIAM SINGE text - Fake Love, Broccoli & Caroline MashupProbably not. I mean, shit come be ethical with you, man, she's a... Poor thang, fine together hell, thick together fuck. Oh my god, that's mine baby. Caroline, you divine. Mighty fine
GUCCI MANE text - every My
Bitches Love come "All my Bitches Love Me" song by GUCCI MANE: She loves me, She loves me not She loves me, She loves me no Vvs every my ... Wanna have my baby ... Shawty fine together hell however she thick as hell. ... Gucci got a bad bitch and also Wacka got a poor bitch. ... (noooooo) I simply want the thang win up similar to it's a drumma.
Fake Love text - william SingeThat's once they laugh in my challenge ... Take my place. I deserve to tell the love is fake ... Infant touch mine gang, us gon' revolve this into Columbine ice cream on my neck ... I typical to be moral with you, she's a, negative thang, fine as hell, thick together fuck. Five my...
TRINA text - Caroline (Remix) come "Caroline (Remix)" song by TRINA: She's a negative thang Fine as hell Thick as fuck five my God I'm that baby no caroline He desire time i want...
UGK - Bad
together Hell text Its akon. The girl she acquired me means she movin in place and bendin in front of these human being with that target in my face ... Bendin in prior of this people, v that butt in my confront ... I desire her bad as hell (hell), i can't control it, i do not know you tell, baby? She...
JAY-Z - Girls, Girls, GirlsI obtained this Spanish chica, she don't prefer me come roam. So she contact me ... Merci, girlfriend fine as fuck however you givin me hell ... And also if it goes under y'all that's my heart. Infant girl so thorough she been with me native the start. Hid mine ... Just thing wrong with ma she's always on the step ... She look appropriate in the tight blue dress, she's thick
YOUNG DOLPH text - any kind of Many Miny to "Any numerous Miny Moe" tune by YOUNG DOLPH: This that High class Street Music Street Music In it, ... University diploma, yea she my type ... Lil mama negative as hell, i can't also lie ... Play through me, watch how rapid I posesthe yo infant mama boy
MOS DEF text - Ms. Fat BootyIs sugar and spice the only thing the you made of? ... Hey, this my guy Mos, baby let me introduce; i turn roughly ... Shocked as hell she couldn't get it together
Bitch to "My Bitch Bad" track by TRAVIS PORTER: mine bitch bad, fat ass gained dumb swag mine bitch bad, fat ass acquired dumb swag mine ... It's windy as hell rotate your warm up ... Shot to plunder a boy that's as soon as I overcome the job ... I'm a 90's baby, she's a 80's
J. COLE text - Crooked SmileAnd they every look choose my eyebrows: thick as hell ... Killing you yourself to discover a male that'll kill for you ... And also baby girl you're a star, don't permit 'em tell you you're not
J. COLE text - In The to "In The Morning" tune by J. COLE: baby you summertime fine, i let you obtain on ... Friend fine together hell, ns guess i met you for a reason, only time have the right to tell ... Don't it is in ashamed, that aint no thing, I supplied to punch trees ... Five boy, she poor nigga, what friend bout execute with the ... I love special women cause my aunt, she talk equestrian
DO OR dice - That's My come "That's mine Car" track by execute OR DIE: Just, bailin' outta the bed crossed up with some ho through some nice ... In ~ the burgess workin' too thick ... Baby mama lookin' really mad at me ... I'm a bad pimp, to win a ho v a fire ... "Money ain't a Thang", chicks ain't a thang ... And also uhh... Hell nah she can't come because that my dough
YUNG kris - Racks (Remix)She placed it on the rack, won't notification it. Mine ... Racks on, racks off, watch that blonde stripper, my hat's turn off ... Obtained a poor bitch native the U.K. (Okay!) She ... Move gears choose stick shifts, fresh together hell, I'm huge Gipp ... Pull triggers prefer hamstrings, young I'm doin mine damn point .... Police top top yo' mama phone call talkin 'bout, "Yo' baby gooooone!"
LIL' WAYNE - She to "She Will" song by LIL' WAYNE: Young Money i tell she “now goin' pop that pussy because that a genuine ... I tell her “now goin' pop the pussy because that a actual nigga" ... I'm in hell's kitchen v an apron and also a hair network ... Ns wish we might take off and also go anywhere yet here baby you know the deal ... I choose my girl thick, not simply kinda fine
JADEN SMITH - Let it BreatheDoin' what us ain't 'posed to, girl, that's why I decided you. I don't desire ... Store it clean together Mr. Clean so jokers wear my Dennis socks. Look at what ... I'm pourin' out my heart, and also girl it's sort of because that the Hell the it. Girl you ... However baby girl I have the right to tell i get. On your ... Mine heart. Lil' homie, tell castle paramedics rush cause she's in her 20's
JETHRO TULL - special As
A Brick (Part 1) to "Thick together A Brick (Part 1)" track by JETHRO TULL: really don't mind if girlfriend sit this one out. Mine words but a whisper her deafness a SHOUT. I may ma...
got to "Baby gained Back" track by sir MIX-A-LOT: Oh, my, god. Becky, watch at she butt. It is so big. She looks like among those laboratory guys' girlfrien... ... And also a round thing in her face. You get sprung ... Yet that target you got makes me for this reason horny ... Come hell v romancin' She's ... A word come the thick heart sisters, ns wanna acquire with ya
SOUTH PARK MEXICAN - Wiggy ns suck the blood ... Niggas speak to me Grind say that I'm a house wrecker ... And also got my center finger up her Baby Mama anus, BITCH! ... I got sacks because that sale in the soil of Hell, my ... Would certainly you fuck a thick bitch even though she wasn't pretty? ... If i was doin' negative would friend smoke a blunt with me?
ACE HOOD text - I need Your come "I require Your Love" track by ACE HOOD: Ace, we killin em baby I need your love, require your love ... Therefore fine, she mine hey baby ... Indigenous the quite lipstick thinking exactly how the belt sits, so thick ... They'll never acquire to touch still, view you bad as hell and also they know it ... Guy can hoping because that that opportunity I can offer you mine time
LIL' WAYNE - Swag Surfin'Two v8's ain't no such thing as driving patience in this Bugatti Bitch I'm bad. I'm worse ... Behind the cash- obtain murked. I'm talkin' huge shit ... And also we role them bitches thick- do 'em look choose Toccara (Jones) guy I'm also ... Ns love my baby mommas, they gain my highest honor ... I median a bitch, she never met her finest friend or sister
Gucci Mane - She
Loves Money Jul 10, 2014 i love you also baby (Gucci!) ... Shawty fine together hell however she thick together hell. ... Obtained a poor bitch, Whoop obtained a poor bitch, Gucci acquired a poor bitch and also Wacka gained a poor bitch. ... Every my bitches love me, my bitch states that she loves me.
MACKLEMORE - DowntownEight hundred cash, that's a hell the a deal. I'm top ... And also a bad little mama with her ass in mine face. I'mma lick that, stick the ... I'm so low the my scrotum's nearly dragging ~ above the concrete. My seat is animal leather ... She has actually her arms roughly your belt ... On mine seat. Fine hello, yet baby, the kickstand ain't free
MIGOS - Freak No MoreShe's a stripper nude dancer however she's begging me to mam her, (No!) once the first time i ... Hell nah, ns don't love nun' yet my money and also my rifle, (Money, Glahh!) in ~ the optimal like Eiffel ... Ns apologize, you understand that mine niggas they observed you naked, (Naked!) You want me to ... Her infant daddy maintained on driving she crazy. She...
YOUNG JEEZY - leaving You to "Leave you Alone" song by YOUNG JEEZY: yeah She stated you ain't no good but you feel so ... She stated I recognize you bad, but I desire you back. She said renders me for this reason sad that i gotta leaving you alone ... Wake up up in the morning gain my smash on ... Maybe also go fifty percent on a infant girl ... And do whatever the hell i want
REMY BOYZ text - LovThey ain't down right, they got , to trust me, baby, I could tell. Your face is the ... Pull up in the crazy whip, man, i swear she crazy thick. Ride to a ... She bad as hell, she caramel. She Lisa ray ... Remy Boyz mine gang, I'm in my totality lane, yeah
MEETS evil - A come "A Kiss" tune by bad MEETS EVIL: i wanna kiss, kiss, kiss Nickel Nina ... Nickel Nina nigga Twitter beefing, an initial rapper that shot a pan ... This bitch suck my penis today, contact it yesterday's news morning ... Aw hell, Shady, he'll phone call it like it is ... Gaga, she deserve to quit her task at the post office, she's tho a male lady (OH!)
Propain feat. Rich Homie Quan - 2 Rounds text All it takes is one message Asking me wherein I'm at Told her," baby I'm top top one but your ... Pimp C said it currently she text massage me she need it negative because she ain't have great in so ... She gained that s hair have actually a nigga sinking quick Rock the boat on mine ... She thick together hell she stripping dreams and also she from Texas I'm fine protected...

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J. COLE - Sparks will FlyBaby you deserve the entirety enchilada, Gucci and Prada Toast to the job ... Money can't buy you delight that's true together hell ... She want that old thing back
GUCCI MANE text - Nuthin on YaThat nigga broke, he ain't got nothin' because that ya. Ns swear these ... And also you're so fine, you make my blood boil ... She took the charge, castle ain't gained nothin' on her ... 'Cause she ass thick as a pumpkin ... But I'm unhealthy because that you baby, ns fuck increase your civilization ... "Trap residence III" (2013). Traphouse 3 · usage Me · Nuthin ~ above Ya · Hell Yes
LIL ROB - come "Superbad" track by LIL ROB: My bad (my bad) my negative (my bad) i turned a an excellent girl to ... This pretty young thing's a freak ... Triple X rated infant that's what I'm like, loosen up don't be so uptight ... I'm not tryin to fall in love, no tryin to do you mine (hell naw) ... And also I was, givin she somethin that she won't forget
TWISTA text - execute come "Do Wrong" song by TWISTA: man dawg, it's some bad bitches out here that'll ("make you do wrong") Whoa... Walk on girl ("make yo... ... And also keep me two baby glocks, both that 'em loaded through a full clip. Still ns gotta be on a ... 'Til i felt the means you to be backin up on the thang ... Cause she to be thick as hell and so cute
KANYE WEST text - obtain Em HighI offer a posesthe if friend fail me, I'm gonna monitor my heart, and if girlfriend ... Now who the hell is this? E-mailing me at 11:26, telling me the she 36-26, plus double D
WALE - quite Be with You (Vagina Is for Lovers)She thru another fit you had to split since she was wit you. And now I'm in ~ ... Mine niggas'll most likely clown me if i told 'em that ns kissed you. However you ... Ah hell not the beast really ns don't provide a fuck. Well due to the fact that ... Because that booty foolish thick behind your juicy ass lips. I'm make the efforts ... Is... You. Rather be, (Hey baby its... You) rather
J. COLE text - losing My come "Losing mine Balance" song by J. COLE: Yea huh Yea one, two, one, two, one, 2 One, two, one 2 uh-huh Yea, ... But there's a heart that's inside that you don't also knew exist ... Occasionally I ride approximately wondering if us in hell ... I acquired a thing for this tiny mama ... Say she never fuck with thug niggas just gentlemen
J. COLE text - Nothing big ForeverEven got a couple of homegirls that wanna fuck me. Shortly as this ... I assumed you love me, how the hell friend gon' contact yo cousin? You know ... On my mama, we been v it all. From the ... An excellent chick a lil mad together fuck, she done had actually enough. Ns be, out here tryna raise my condition up. However success lug bitches, and they negative as fuck
KEVIN entrances - MYBFor niggas you would make calls, Don't the sound favor draft, as soon as I contact a bitch in love she obtain here five so fast, Fucking right I ... Yeah you punched me in mine shit but you did no hit difficult ... There's no means in hell I'd ever before let girlfriend walk far ... It's obtaining had to be humble tryna get this bad karma off me, Starlito!!
Lizzo - an excellent As Hell
text Mar 12, 2016 I carry out my hair toss, examine my nails Baby exactly how you feelin'? ... for great As Hell by Lizzo has been analyzed in 3 language ... You deserve to touch the skies I know that it's hard however you have actually to try If you need advice let me simplify If...
WAKA FLOCKA FLAME text - No HandsAll the ass in those jeans can wale beat. Can Roscoe ... As soon as she walks, she it s okay stares ... Glasses flying almost everywhere tap my partner Roscoe prefer bruh I'm drunk together hell ... Ns think ns deserve a chance I'm a negative mother fucker go and ask them motherfuckers ... Wear out tracks let me do my thing, I got sixteen because that this roscoe thing


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