With four seasons under your belts, the Sharks are back and hungry for deals. Nobody could’ve guessed the wild success that Shark Tank has seen in the past 4 seasons, including over $23 million in deals and an approximated 9,000 jobs created as a an outcome of the show. By now, the Sharks have actually fine-tuned their line that questioning and they know exactly what they’re looking for (and no looking for) native the entrepreneur hopefuls who enter the tank. V plenty of surprises, part Shark fights, and also better-than-ever businesses, Season five promises to be the finest of Shark Tank yet. In situation you to let go it, here’s what went down in the tank throughout the season premiere.

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First into the Shark Tank was Josh Brooks, founder and CEO that Postcard top top the Run, a firm based roughly a smartphone application that allows users come create and send snail mail postcards using the pictures on their phones. Josh asked the Sharks for a $300,000 invest in exchange because that 5% that his company. Postcard ~ above the operation is a tech-enabled turn on an old idea. Users deserve to download the cost-free app, take photos, compose a note, authorize the “card” and also send a physics postcard to love ones from everywhere in the human being for just $2.49. The app even enables users to connect short video clips come the postcard through the usage of QR code technology. In the that company 21-month lifespan, Josh has actually amassed an outstanding $451,000 in sales. However, v a little digging, the Sharks uncovered some weaknesses in Postcard ~ above the Run’s financials. If Josh raised $1.6 million from other investors (one of i m sorry is popstar Selena Gomez), the admitted to the Sharks the he only has actually $185,000 of that left in the bank. Shark Tank’s resident software program Shark mark seeks no exit strategy because that the company, so he’s out. Lori, Kevin, and Barbara are fast to follow, leaving only Robert to do an offer. Robert offers $300,000 for 10%, which mockery counters in ~ 6%. Robert counters again at 7.5%, and after a bit an ext back and forth, Josh lastly agrees, and also the transaction is made through Robert in ~ 7.5%.

Next was an update on Season four favorites, the mother/daughter duo indigenous Boston, Wicked good Cupcakes. After securing a royalty-laden deal with Mr. Wonderful, Wicked an excellent Cupcakes has actually been law Wicked an excellent business. They’ve opened up a 2nd location, a brand-new bakery, and also have hired 40 new employees. With over $700,000 in sales since the show, the pair is really pleased through their “well-calculated risk” of acquisition Kevin’s offer. Congrats!


Second right into the tank to be Lynnae Schneller and also Aly Cullinane, owner of Lynnae’s Gourmet Pickles out of Firecrest, Washington. The females asked the Sharks because that a $125,000 invest in exchange for 20% of their gourmet pickle business. In just one year, the company has hit end $140,000 in sales for your pickles that retail at $6.99, wholesale in ~ $4, and cost the pair $1.93 every jar. Currently, Lynnae’s Pickles are easily accessible in 26 claims and much more than 200 locations, and also the girls mentioned an upcoming meeting v Target. Lori was quick to walk out, saying the she doesn’t favor sweet pickles. Kevin merely didn’t desire “pickles in his portfolio,” for this reason he was out too. Mark and also Robert room out too. Together Shark Tank’s foodie-favorite, Barbara seemed to it is in the Shark through the many potential for a deal. But Barbara doesn’t think they need a partner, and also she’s out, leave Lynnae’s Gourmet Pickles in a pickle… and out that the Shark Tank there is no a deal.

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Next up were doctors and also brothers Albert and also Richard Amini, seeking a $50,000 invest in exchange for 20% same in their social media clinical network, Rolodoc. The brothers introduce Rolodoc as a means of adding social media right into the medical field, by giving both patients and also doctors a new means of interacting online. Regardless of describing their business as “social media,” Mark and Robert are quick to point out that there is no society media in the equation, aside from the one-to-one doctor-to-patient communication that the communication enables. Furthermore, Lori has actually serious reservations around how doctors will it is in vetted before using the platform, and Mark doesn’t understand just how the pair will certainly convince physicians to join the network. Together expected, Kevin’s main issue is how the network will certainly be monetized, a inquiry the brother don’t even get to fully answer. Together a testimony to how doctors frequently have to deliver poor news, mark stands up, shakes the brothers’ hands, and also makes no bones around his feelings when he says, “Worst presentation ever. I’m out.” nobody of the various other Sharks uncover Rolodec precious resuscitating, and the brothers are down and out there is no a deal.