After meeting Abby"s friend, Sarah, speak through the male next to she to find out that his love, Isabela, has actually gone lacking after a disastrous fight the night before and agree to look for her.

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Collect the Document - Hubris close to the skeleton and grapple throughout the chasm to latch top top a craggy wall surface and then rotate the corner to find the Document - Pure the Heart top top a stone table.

Climb the craggy wall surface and jump throughout the void to the left to find the well-hidden Relic - Wheel-lock Pistol and then jump earlier and proceed to monitor the route to the left, avoiding the floor trap. ~ crouching through another short tunnel, shoot the trap the break indigenous the ceiling and also then check behind the lever to uncover some gold Ore and also the Document - Demons.


You can now push the lever, grapple throughout to the other side that the room, and also climb out of the crypt.

Return to Guillermo

Make your means back to billy to tell him wherein Isabella is and also he says talking come Manu.

Talk come Manu

Manu is situated near the cafe, past the seller in the key plaza, and is surrounded by the youngsters you aided in the cemetery. Speak through him and he"ll phone call Lara around some adjacent ruins and also asks friend to discover them and also then come back and tell that all about it.

If you"ve currently explored the an obstacle Tomb - Thirsty Gods, you deserve to speak v Manu again to achieve the Relic - Skull. Otherwise, head to the lake come the south east of san Juan to find the dig entrance and also then go back to Manu after completing it.

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Reward: Relic (Skull)

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