Now, this is a tricky question. I have the satisfied of working at Walmart, for this reason ya’ll know I have actually seen the all. You recognize what I saw not come long back ? A son (looked around 7 or 8) put on a bob wig and also it wasn’t because that play. Really, i’m talking about baby hairs laid through the wig mixed with her genuine hair.

I personally think the weave/extensions room ok for kids, come a particular extent. There space so many protective styles that deserve to be styled accordingly for kids, such as cornrows braided up into a bun or even short kinky twists. I carry out think the is is essential that we distinguish between protective formats that need hair extensions and also sew ins. Protective formats such together crochet braids, box braids, twisted are really common in black color culture. Plenty of times including synthetic hair is helpful to preserve the longevity that a style, specifically when one’s hair is at sight soft. Bland ins, meanwhile should be mounted with caution, as this is a layout that numerous feel should be scheduled for adults (or at the really least adolescents).

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But the concern remains: what is the proper age to even consider adding weave/extensions? i think that it truly counts on the child and also maturity level, as well as the health and wellness of the that child’s hair. Personally, i wouldn’t use expansions on any type of child under 10 year old. I just think kids should be maintained pure for as lengthy as possible. However, I carry out realize the it deserve to be a hassle to trying to maintain your daughter’s hair, for this reason to each his/her own.

There are plenty the protective layouts out over there that require minimal come no weave/extensions. These incorporate flat twists, two stand twists, cornrows, and also the list goes on. If you need extra size for your child’s hair then take into consideration one that the aforementioned styles.

I additionally think it relies on the size of the style and also the lot of hair included as too much of either deserve to make tiny girls appear to it is in grown women. My referral is that if you are installing weaves and/or expansions on a young child, shot to keep the layout light weight and also medium/short length.

What execute you all think ? What is the proper age for youngsters to wear extensions?


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