I'm certain this is a sub that gets nothing but articles asking for purchase advice, but, well, ns dunno whereby else come ask really.

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I'm a complete newcomer as soon as it comes to audio, so bear through me. I've been utilizing Sentey Thorx LS-4430s, i m sorry I gained for like $35 and sound absolutely remarkable for that price. The appropriate piece damaged at the joint wherein it swivels-- both externally and also the wire, though it still greatly works if ns tape it together. This is a mystery to me due to the fact that the thing never ever leaves mine desk, for this reason the develop quality is less than great. They sound damn great though for such budget headphones! however they're discontinued, and any prices ns can uncover are hiked method up, otherwise ns would have just bought one more one.

Anyone know of a pair that deserve to compare come the ThorX? I simply bought a ~$45 Bluetooth headset with mainly glowing reviews just to uncover out it sounds choose garbage in a means even a novice favor me notices. I can't purchased truly high quality stuff, but I need better than that in ~ least.

Per the FAQ:

Budget: Absolutely less than $100, despite I'd prefer less than $70 if ns can gain away with it. Just like the Thorx, $40-50 is the sweet spot.

Using with: mainly my PC. Currently I plug mine headphones in with my (by now, old) Samson walk mic largely out of convenience, and also because the front audio jack top top my pc is awful.

Isolation: I'm using these mainly at home, for this reason it's not the end of the world, though I carry out prefer close up door back, or at least not totally open. Ns may additionally use them because that recording voice in ~ the very same time media is playing, in which case sound leaking would certainly be a bad thing.

Headphones in public?: most likely not, I mostly want this to remain with my PC.

Preferred type of Headphone: Over-ear/full-sized is ideal.

Preferred tonal balance: pretty balanced. I desire to usage these because that making music, at which I'm one amateur, but even still i don't desire the sound too many colored. Something that shoots because that studio monitors would job-related well.

Past headphones: ignoring the assorted on-the-go in-ear headphones I've had, my only "serious" pair has actually been the Sentey ThorX, and also they sound absolutely lover for your price. It's a quality I've grown used to, and also one I desire to usage as a baseline for similarly-priced headphones. They had a detachable cable, which is a must. Ns didn't like how the cups swiveled though, because it to be of limited use and also they seemed to it is in a structural weak point, together mine damaged despite no being moved around much at all.

Other: Detachable cable is mandatory. I'm not losing a headset come an quickly replaceable cable. Bluetooth (with optional audio cable) is a yes, really nice perk, though not a must. I'd choose it if the cups didn't swivel, as they it seems ~ to rest easily-- or I'd at least like that part to be built well.

I recognize I can't expect the absolute best for together a budget, but the ThorX headphones I had were proof that there space some that go over and past the price. If anyone has any suggestions or has had actually experience with these certain headphones, I'd really evaluate it! give thanks to you in advance.

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By the way, I'm right now teetering in between these Stage right studio monitors, these BlueAnt Pump Zones, and a couple of other comparable listings top top Amazon. Ns was feather at some Audio-Technica ATH et ceteras, however most of castle don't have actually a detachable cable. This pair the Edifier W800BT hits every the best notes ~ above paper, gift a $40 BT headset with an optional wire, however that renders it sound too great to it is in true, favor the crappy Avantree pair I just bought.