For every route except the Shura one, the Sekiro Isshin, the knife Saint ceo fight is the last boss you"ll come up against and we"ve gained some tips on just how to to win him


You"ll need to defeat the Sekiro Isshin the knife Saint boss as a final battle in virtually all the Sekiro endings, v the exemption of the Shura option. There"s no nice means of speak this: it"s a tough fight. Isshin together a big variety the attacks, a lot of of range and three separate phases to gain though to finish him. And also - big and - if friend fail in ~ any suggest you need to restart the whole thing. Therefore you"ve gained your work reduced out for you. There is at the very least a kind cheese strategy friend can exploit in the final two phases that will certainly make life a small bit easier. Review on to uncover out much more in ours Sekiro Isshin, the knife Saint ceo guide.

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So, the an initial phase is a directly sword fight through the sword Saint and also he has actually some incredibly powerful attacks up his sleeves. There are plenty of assaults to watch for. The an initial of this is if that sheaths his sword, he complies with this through a an extremely fast dash and also two strikes, you deserve to either run away when he put his sword away or effort to deflect. One of two people way, he is delicate to a pair of hits instantly after this.

He will occasionally do a really fast thrust, you deserve to Mikiri respond to it for an excellent posture damage and a opportunity to gain two assaults in. His key combo is a 3 to four-hit sword combo, this has extremely strange timing and is hard to learn if you desire to direction properly. He uses the Ichimonji double in this phase, you can punish this by dodging about him to gain in part strikes. The other assaults to clock for are his wind sweep and wind slash attacks, these room both shown by wind gathering about him, operation away to avoid them. Eventually, you will certainly defeat his first phase.

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His second and 3rd phase space both comparable to each other. In these phases, he offers a large spear and additionally has access to a gun. If you want to struggle him relatively you can. However, you deserve to cheese that in these phases by running about in huge circles and also waiting until he uses his leaping spear attack. If you operation underneath him together he does this you have the right to stab him once prior to running away. You deserve to just repeat this till the hit ends. He doesn’t fight fair so neither need to you.

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