Discus and support Sea of Thieves no install in XBoX Games and Apps to resolve the problem; Sea of thieves had actually broken and it wouldn"t pack past the checking for fake coins message at all, i waited for about fifty percent an hour top top it. So ns tried to...Discussion in "XBoX Games and Apps" began by CyrusMason, Feb 7, 2019.

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Sea that thieves had broken and also it wouldn't load past the checking because that fake coins post at all, ns waited because that about fifty percent an hour on it. So i tried come close out of the game and uninstall and then reinstall, but it no let me reinstall. At any time I try itjust doesn't begin the download at all or that says beginning download and then Error Code: 0x80072F8F. Is there anyway I deserve to fix this. Ns am on computer btw. :)

i cant uninstall any kind of games as there room no games installed. And my windows is fully updated.edit: yesterday evening ns succesfully mounted sea of thieves but deleted it because othergames i will not ~ install and also now sea of thieves no install either there are still some games in the recently set up tab in the start menu

hi Cyrus,Thanks for getting to out come us right here on the Forums!Sorry because that the inconvenience yet we are at this time looking into this situation. There is an on-going outage signing right into Xbox Live. Some Customers room experiencing black color screen prior to or after ~ signing in, or problems accessing formerly purchased content. Over there are additionally reports through Store application failing v the error “Something Unexpected happened code: 0x80072F8F”.Our Engineering at this time working ~ above the fix. Ns hope this helps.

ns was also wondering if this can be the trouble with pc. When I visited the website it was saying xbox live status and also I didn't recognize if that likewise included the Microsoft store.

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sea of thieves no reinstall

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