Two save A Lot shop in fort Worth are amongst the one third of the St. Louis retailer’s areas to be totally remodeled this year, v renovations to the whole chain intended to be finish by 2024.

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The remodelings of the conserve A Lot shop at 4621 E. Lancaster Ave. In Meadowbrook and 3101 E. Seminary drive off of south Riverside journey in fort Worth are complete, the firm said. 

“Customers start the keep will notification a lighter, brighter and easier-to-shop footprint that includes brand-new décor, to update dairy and also meat instances and new interior and also exterior paint,” save A lot said. “Both remodeled ft Worth stores fully reflect conserve A Lot’s new brand image, giving a new look and amplified functionality, while continuing to serve as ft Worth’s hometown grocer with quality and value consumer have concerned expect.”

Save A lot is re-introducing customers to the shop Sept. 1-7, v in-store promotions on freshly-cut meats and several private label brands.

“We’re dazzling to have the ability to bring much-needed upgrades to the two ft Worth save A lot stores and also enhance regional residents’ shopping experiences the minute they step foot into the store,” invoice Kiker, the save owner and operator, said in a release.

Founded in 1977, save A Lot is one of the biggest discount grocery save chains in the united States, with about 1,000 shop in 32 states.

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Save A Lot

The agency said this summer that working with its elevation license owner to remodel a 3rd of the stores in 2021, through all 1,000 stores remodeled through 2024.

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“The new store design features a modern evolution that the brand influenced by customer and employee feedback,” the company said then. “Customers will find a lighter, brighter and easier-to-shop footprint that includes brand-new décor and also an enhanced shopping environment. Each ar store will attribute a strong assortment of local products to much better serve customers in meaningful ways, consisting of a selection of localized product brand curated come resonate v customers in the local community.”

“As we proceed to focus on coming to be the brand of choice for our customers and also a go-to source in our local communities, that was essential that our logo, stores and also marketing reflected and reinforced ours mission of offering quality assets at budget-friendly expenses that repetitively exceed the expectation of our customers,” Kenneth McGrath, CEO of save A Lot, said then.