Brie Larson may have actually won one Oscar for among 2015’s many heartbreaking performances in Room, yet the first-time Saturday Night Live organize has an ext than enough comedic talent to pull from because that her expedition to Studio 8H.

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Larson take away the SNL phase after a whirlwind awards season of wins, but she has a long list of brief but memorable roles in comedies, both in theaters and also on TV. 2015 additionally saw she pop up briefly together Amy Schumer’s sisters in Trainwreck, while she’s previously appeared in the 21 run Street and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World adaptations, and also as a love interest for Abed in Community. (In fact, she was probably the best addition in the show’s lot maligned Dan Harmon-less season 4.)

Larson likdigitalrecordersreview.orgise has a musical past, including a full debut album from 2005, and a solid covering of Metric’s “Black Sheep” in Scott Pilgrim, so that wouldn’t it is in a shock because that the display to placed her pipe to usage in one more pre-recorded song.

So there’s tiny reason to problem that Larson will battle to to the right in with the SNL cast. And with a pair of weeks off, hope the SNL writers and players have had time come recharge and hit this critical stretch of episodes through some high quality material. April confirmed to be a an especially uneven-to-disappointing month for the show this season, but Larson kicks off a trio of final episodes in i m sorry the present will most likely either stick come what it knows or dip a toes in some waters ahead of its transforms next season. (Hopefully whatever route the display takes this week, that finds part time for a cameo indigenous Larson’s Room co-star Jacob Tremblay.)

Larson will be join by musical guest Alicia Keys, performing for the third time in Studio 8H. She appearance comes only days ~ her an initial released solitary in years, “In Common,” so definitely expect to hear the single ~ above stage. And as tricks is no stranger come cameoing or guest starring together herself in functions (including ndigitalrecordersreview.orgly on Empire), the wouldn’t be shocking for she to present up in a sketch or two as well.

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Whatever walk happen, come talk around the episode live together it happens and also stay tuned to ~ above Sunday because that a complete recap that the show.



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