Established in 1954, St. George Episcopal school is a coeducational independent school community located in central San Antonio, Texas.

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We market exceptional scholastic preparation in an inclusive community of students, faculty, and also families. Ours graduates on regular basis excel at optimal high schools throughout the city, v 95% the graduates qualifying because that honors or advanced classes. We sell a diverse program of rigorous academics, competitive athletics, and also fine art to build a strong sense the community and also foster love and also respect for God, self, and others.


Our Vision

St. George Episcopal college will positively impact society by empowering learners v wisdom, courage, and also faith.


Our Mission

St. George Episcopal School gives exceptional scholastic preparation in an inclusive Christian neighborhood that fosters love and respect for God, self, and also others.


Admissions Info

We space happy you are considering St. George Episcopal college as a house for her child’s education future. We invite you to visit our campus come learn an ext about our program and to gain to recognize our community.

To find out more, fill out an virtual inquiry form, email us, or contact us at (210) 342-4263. The Admissions Office will reach the end to you to answer any kind of questions and also schedule your personal tour that the campus.




Interested in learning much more about sending your boy to St. George?Contact our admissions office today.

“A student attends St. George at together a an essential time in their an individual development. The years you room at St. George shape who will you be together an adult. Once you space surrounded by various other like-minded, high-character and moral students, it pressures you to end up being the finest version of yourself. St. George provides that high high quality education and environment, and it’s what renders attending the institution so special.”

“I"ve make lifelong finest friends (it"s to be 20+ year now and also still going strong) and also my amazing teachers taught me I can do anything and also dream big. St. George has actually some of my fondest memories farming up and it hold a special place in mine heart.”

“My time at St. George all set me well because that high school and also beyond. I obtained the scholastic tools I necessary while likewise building my self-confidence and sense of identity in my developmental years. Perhaps more importantly, I had the ability to ground myself in a neighborhood that stays its values, setting the standard for what to expect from school, work, and home.”

“Having our daughter come home everyday excited and also loving school and also then can not wait to earlier the following day, that speaks quantities in and also of itself.”

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“It (St. George) has met every expectation that we had right from job one when we chose the school. When you watch your children excited to go to institution every morning and also you check out their happy faces every evening, you understand that you have actually made a decision the you deserve to be proud of.”

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"St. George is a beautiful community, not only in its physical beauty but likewise in its heart and soul. I have been a part of this ar for plenty of years both together a parent and also as an educator. Our students receive a full education which incorporates the whole child, i m sorry is an extremely special in today"s world. Ns am honored to work-related here and also feel privileged the my youngsters were a component of this ar which aided shape them into the adults they space today."

“Growing and also maturing in a neighborhood that fosters wisdom, courage, and faith collection the course for that I to be today and who I will be tomorrow. Over all, that is the compassion, forgiveness, and also safe setting that i will never forget about St. George or the people who mentored me there.”

“St. George to be a nurturing and well rounded setting that advocated happiness, challenge, and growth in every side of life. Mine childhood to be filled v wonderful memories, and also St. George detailed the platform and also environment that enabled me come flourish.”

“St. George to be the ar that made certain that not just did I flourish in the classroom but also helped me grow in mine faith and athletics together well.”

“At St. George, ns was molded by the complicated science curriculum, resulting in my desire to mix my engineering background v my future legislation career.”

“My time in ~ St. George teach me this human being is huge and great and encouraged me to love and also explore it.”

“Everywhere ns go - high school, college, and also beyond - i still call people about the impressive experience I had actually at St. George and the i can not forget memories ns made there. The dedication of my teachers and the camaraderie of mine classmates was just unparalleled.”