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firm overviewFranciscan healthcare of La Crosse is an incorporated healthcare distribution network serving occupants of an eleven ar area extending Western Wisconsin, Southeastern Minnesota and also Northeastern Iowa.Based on our Christian heritage and also our id in human being dignity, Franciscan Healthcarecommits to putting the needs of our patients very first and come collaborate in improvingthe health and wellness of individuals and the neighborhoods we serve. Mission and values

Living the mayo Mission: To accumulate hope and also contribute come health and also well-being by offering the finest care to every patient through incorporated clinical practice, education and research. our Vision: mei Clinic will administer an unparalleled suffer as the many trusted companion for wellness care. main Value: The requirements of the patience come first. worth Statements: these values, which overview Mayo Clinics mission come this day, are an expression of the vision and also intent of our founders, the initial Mayo physicians and the sisters of Saint Francis.

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Respect - treat anyone in our diverse community including patients, their families and also colleagues with dignity Compassion - provide the finest care, treating patients and also family members with sensitivity and empathy. integrity - adhere come the highest possible standards of professionalism, principles and an individual responsibility, worthy that the to trust our patients place in us. healing - accumulate hope and nurture the wellness of the totality person, respecting physical, emotional and also spiritual needs. collaboration - value the contributions of all, blending the skills of individual staff members in unsurpassed collaboration. Excellence - provide the ideal outcomes and highest quality organization through the specialized effort the every team member. innovation - infuse and also energize the organization, improving the resides of those we serve, through the an imaginative ideas and also unique talents of each employee. Stewardship - sustain and also re-invest in our mission and also extended neighborhoods by wisely managing our human, natural and also material resources.

Franciscan healthcare Statement the heritage and also values: Franciscan Healthcare, based on our health and wellness system’s Christian heritage and belief in human being dignity, unique expresses the adhering to values come align through both sponsors, the Franciscan sister of Perpetual Adoration and also the mei Clinic.

us respect the dignity, diversity and also the God-given worth of every human being. We administer compassionate personal care with our visibility and solution to the thoughts, feelings and also unique needs of all people, specifically the poor and the underserved.

criter of worths Integration: In the soul of servant Leadership, us welcome and also seek to accomplish the unique needs of the patients, families, colleagues and co-workers we serve. As soon as integrated and also lived, ours values overview our individual actions and result in an overall organizational culture where all employees embody the mei Clinic and also Franciscan values and also practice relationship-based care. The everyday actions the the staff offer witness to and support because that the mission, vision and also values of the organization and also its sponsors. The following behavioral statements apply to all Franciscan medical care personnel:

practice pleasant, courteous and professional way of speech and also behavior in all creates of interaction and also communication v all people. take it initiative come foster and maintain constructive relationships and also participate in initiatives to make things better. actively seek opportunities to assist all people. history

In 1995, Franciscan health care Clinic and the mayo Clinic merged to create Mayo Clinic wellness System in La Crosse. This partnership additionally includes website in the following communities: Arcadia, Sparta, Tomah, Onalaska, Holmen, Caledonia, La Crescent, Prairie du Chien, and also Waukon. Franciscan health System:

In 1883, the Franciscan sisters of Perpetual Adoration constructed St. Francis Hospital in La Crosse. It to be western Wisconsin"s very first hospital and symbolized the Sisters" pioneering vision that caring. Indeed, the Sisters" mission to heal was and also still is the very same mission that guided their patriarch, St. Francis of Assisi 700 years before. Basic to their caring ideology is their id in caring for the totality person--body, emotions and also spirit--and to perform so v dignity and compassion. Skemp Clinic was founded in 1923 by Dr. Archibald Skemp. His brothers George and Fred soon joined the practice and his young John, Sam, Charles and also nephew Joseph. The clinic grew over the decades as it linked with various other clinics and built much more clinics to much better serve patient close to home. Today, it employs 200 specialists and primary care doctors caring because that patients at places in southwestern Wisconsin, southeastern Minnesota and also northeastern Iowa. Its family members practice residency regime is affiliated through the mayo Graduate college of Medicine. mei Clinic has offered as a design for medical practice transparent the world because it was founded in 1889. It, too, started as the clinical practice that a country doctor, william Worrall Mayo, who was soon joined through his two sons, william J. And also Charles. With each other the Mayos easily expanded the clinic right into the world"s an initial group clinical practice, where teams of experts in various fields work together and support each various other for the patient"s benefit. Now Mayo Clinic attracts patient from approximately the globe and is widely considered the best multi-specialty clinic in the world.

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employment avenues Visit ours website in ~ www.mayoclinichealthsystem.org for employment opportunities. We market Career-Mail: a complimentary service the you can sign up because that to obtain updates when tasks in her interest end up being available.