1 : a statement that tells girlfriend what is or is not permitted in a particular game, situation, etc. I know the an easy rules that chess. As long as you"re living under our roof, you"ll follow/obey ours rules. See much more ExamplesThe college has actually strict rules for qualifying because that financial assistance. The new rule allows/permits employee to dress casually top top Fridays. Under the new rules, casual dress is currently allowed. The company"s rules and also regulations It"s vital to discover the rule of the road prior to taking her driving test. It"s against the rules to eat during class. That violated the unwritten/unspoken ascendancy that you need to thank her host prior to you leave a party. Us cannot bend/stretch the rule <=change or neglect the rules> simply for you. If you rest the rules, you"ll be asked to leave.Hide

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2 : a statement that tells you what is allowed or what will happen within a certain system (such together a language or science) the rules the grammar the rules the geometry
3 : a piece of advice around the best way to do something her speech will certainly go fine as long as you monitor one an easy rule: be confident. The very first rule of control is to salary attention. A good rule come follow once traveling is to do as the locals do.
b : the regulations or regulation prescribed through the founder the a spiritual order because that observance through its members
d(1) : a typically written bespeak or direction made by a court regulating court practice or the activity of parties

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Synonyms: Verb

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The an initial known usage of rule remained in the 13th century

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