I am wondering what is a great script for fight Systems. I seen countless games v some awesome battle systems and would like to it is in pointed in the direction of this systems. Ns dont have a details one in mind and also wants to shot out a few to check out what suits my game the best.

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I desire a fight system that is various from the an easy RPG device VX ACE. I like if it changes the entirety look the the battle with a various interface.


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For changing the battle interface, you might want to shot side view battles(The below are together scripts I"ve discovered in this forum):

Battle Engine Symphony: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/8156-battle-engine-symphony/page-2?hl=%2Bside+%2Bview#entry79563


Basic side View battle System: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/376-basic-side-view-battle-system/?hl=%2Bside+%2Bview


Simple Side-View: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/509-simple-side-view/?hl=%2Bside+%2Bview


Theolized Sideview battle System: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/23477-theolized-sideview-battle-system-english-translation-avalaible/?hl=%2Bcharge+%2Bturn+%2Bbattle


VE - man Battle: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/1134-ve-animated-battle/?hl=%2Banimated+%2Bbattle


For transforming the battle system itself, you may want to shot atb or ctb(The below are together scripts I"ve uncovered in this forum):


Victor Engine - energetic Time Battle: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/9189-ve-active-time-battle/?hl=%2Banimated+%2Bbattle#entry72420


YSA fight System - classic ATB: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/865-ysa-battle-system-classical-atb/?hl=%2Bactive+%2Btime+%2Bbattle


Yanfly"s Ace fight Engine Add-On ATB/CTB/Stamina Based battle System: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/802-ace-battle-engine-add-on-atbstamina-system/

(You can uncover the was standing alone variation here: http://cobbtocs.co.uk/wp/?p=64)


Charge Turn battle System: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/24381-aea-charge-turn-battle-system/?hl=%2Bcharge+%2Bturn+%2Bbattle


YSA battle System - Charge revolve Battle(CTB): http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/1153-ysa-battle-system-charge-turn-battle-ctb/?hl=%2Bactive+%2Btime+%2Bbattle#entry14569


If you want ABS or TBS instead(and there will certainly be no side check out anymore), then you may want to try these scripts I"ve found in this forum:


Falcao Peral ABS fluid V3 update: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/8809-falcao-pearl-abs-liquid-v3-update/


XAS Ace: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/868-xas-ace/?hl=+active%20+battle%20+system


GTBS v2.4 for VX Ace: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/16573-gubids-tactical-battle-system-v24-for-vx-ace/?hl=%2Btactical+%2Bbattle+%2Bsystem


Tactical game System: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/23244-tgs-tactical-combat/?hl=%2Btactical+%2Bbattle+%2Bsystem


TB"s TBS: http://www.rpgmakervxace.net/topic/14062-tbs-tbs-tactical-battle-system/?hl=%2Btactical+%2Bbattle+%2Bsystem