Syracuse is residence to a colorful history, a beautiful lake, and some the the greatest snowfall rates in the country. Syracuse is home to the Erie Canal Museum, i m sorry commemorates the story the the statewide waterway, and the Skanonh great Law of peace Center, which brings lively the legacies and culture of the native Americans indigenous the region. Visitors deserve to enjoy great attractions, restaurants on their day expedition or weekend getaway to Syracuse. Particular attractions may be temporarily close up door or require advancement reservations. Part restaurants are right now offering pickup only. Hours/availability may have changed.

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The Erie Canal, the historic waterway the stretches from Albany, NY, come Buffalo, NY, was first completed in 1825, and also stretches 363 miles throughout the state. Once it was built, it to be an integral waterway because that the transport of goods in between the Atlantic Ocean and the great Lakes Region. The locks and also waterways that the canal, and all the lateral canals that sprung from it, are current throughout brand-new York State, and the storied history of this scenic canal is told v the Erie Canal Museum in Syracuse. Tourists to the museum have the right to learn about its past and also its present affect on trade, new York State, and also more. The museum is open up Monday with Saturday indigenous 10am until 5pm and also on Sundays native 10am till 3pm.318 Erie Blvd E, Syracuse, NY 13202, Phone: 315-471-0593

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This modern-day building in downtown Syracuse holds within its walls an superior collection of American art. It to be the first museum to devote itself exclusively to American art and artists, and its arsenal of sculptures, paintings, video, ceramics, graphics, and photographs includes over 11,000 unique works on long-term display. Over there are additionally a wide range of seasonal and also temporary exhibitions i m sorry the museum hosts, and also which turn on a seasonal basis. The museum, i m sorry is open Wednesday with Sunday, supplies pay-as-you-wish join every Wednesday, free admission top top the 3rd Thursday that every month, and several other complimentary and family members days transparent the year.401 Harrison St, Syracuse, NY 13202, Phone: 315-474-6064

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The Stickley Furniture firm was established by the five Stickley brothers end a century earlier in Binghamton, new York. In the early on 20th century, their Mission Oak designs, terrific construction, and also high-quality woods became an extremely popular, especially because their furniture was made for being used, not as a decoration in a stuffy parlor. The Stickley Museum, situated in Fayetteville, honors the work and also the heritage of the Stickley brothers, with historical furniture ~ above display in addition to information about its significance. The Stickley Museum is open on Tuesdays indigenous 11:30am till 5pm, and Saturdays native 10am till 5pm.300 Orchard St, Fayetteville, NY 13066, Phone: 315-637-2278

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This 43-acre zoo is a perfect destination for families and also animal lovers, and within its limit are animals from almost everywhere the world, including elephants, penguins, exotic birds, and also lions. Over there are much more than 700 animals at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo, and also visitors can see castle in a number of educational environments. From the nocturnal pets in the Adaptation exhibits to the reptiles, fish, and also amphibians in USS Antiquities, the zoo has plenty to keep everyone busy. Outside, the scenic Wildlife Trail will certainly lead visitors previous gray wolves, tigers, eye leopards, and more.1 conservation Pl, Syracuse, NY 13204, Phone: 315-435-8511

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The first instances of salty, briny springs gift reported in Syracuse come from Jesuit missionaries in 1654, and also soon after, the city the Syracuse was founded. Salt production in the region grew fast, and Syracuse supplied most of the salt provided in the whole United says for many of the 19th century. Also today, Syracuse is occasionally referred to as the Salt City, and the Salt Museum in the bordering town that Liverpool is in the service of explaining why. Tourists to the Salt Museum have the right to view exhibits and artifacts native the salt industry while learning around its background and influence on the region. 106 Lake Dr, Liverpool, NY 13088, Phone: 315-453-6715

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Dinosaur Bar-B-Que is a staple in central and Western brand-new York State, recognized for the finest BBQ north of the Mason-Dixon line and, together some would certainly claim, in the whole country. The restaurant has expanded all over the region, yet this location in Syracuse is the original and has been serving delicious food to the community because 1988. Initially a biker bar, Dinosaur Bar-B-Que is now a growing restaurant that boasts fresh, homemade, delicious ingredient and an excellent drinks, and also even hosts a music meet that provides live blues music come round the end the full dining experience.246 W pasture St, Syracuse, NY 13202, Phone: 315-476-4937

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The Museum that Intrigue is more than simply a museum – it’s an completely immersive endure for guest of all ages. First, guests pick a story, favor Murder at the Museum or The endowment of Captain Williams. With the assist of actors, clues, and interactive exhibits, travellers will climate roam the museum, keeping their eye peeled in ~ every turn. Whether it’s planning a heist come steal beneficial artifacts native the museum’s collections or fixing the secret of a mysterious tomb the is terrorizing the museum staff, guests and groups of every ages and sizes will love what the Museum the Intrigue has to offer.306 Hiawatha Boulevard M302, Syracuse, NY 13290, Phone: 855-653-7227

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in ~ the Milton J Rubenstein Museum that Science and Technology, travellers of all ages can discover interactive exhibits come learn around geology, outer space, technology, paleontology, and much more. In the connect Flight Trainer, visitors deserve to learn around the background of aviation and the scientific research behind basic flight, when in the Rothschild Apothecary Shop, they’ll see a realistic reproduction that a 1900s pharmacy. Over there is also a planetarium because that stargazing and an IMAX theater, which display screens a number of educational and fascinating documentaries and programs pertained to the fields of science and also technology.500 S Franklin St, Syracuse, NY 13202, Phone: 315-425-9068

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The background of Onondaga ar is on display at the Onondaga historical Association, where visitors can wander the exhibits to learn around the an ar throughout the ages. From market in the Syracuse an ar to fashion throughout the early 20th century to life in Onondaga county during people War II, the historic Association includes a wide array of both temporary and permanent exhibits for world to enjoy. The museum, located downtown, is totally free to the public and also open Wednesday come Friday from 10am till 4pm, and on weekends from 11am till 4pm. Over there are additionally a number of exhibits indigenous the OHA on display within the city of Syracuse, and also a wander with the city could reveal part fascinating history.321 Montgomery St, Syracuse, NY 13202, Phone: 315-428-1864

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Onondaga Lake Park is a beloved green room that extend for around 7.5 miles along the shores the the lake, just west the the Syracuse city limits. Over there are 4 beautiful trails in the park, which are great for acquisition a stroll, a cycle ride, or a walk through the dog. At the Griffon Visitor center in the park, tourists will find volleyball, bocce, and shuffleboard courts as well as an devices rental facility where human being can rent a bicycle for use. Native the fishing pier, would-be fishermen can shot their luck in ~ landing among the pike, bass, or catfish in ~ the waters that Onondaga Lake, and also at the picnic shelters, family members or teams of friends have the right to enjoy a barbecue or party.106 Lake Dr, Liverpool, NY 13088, Phone: 315-453-6712

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The Niagara Mohawk Building, i beg your pardon was constructed in 1932, is an arts deco-style structure that illustration that period of design in a important exquisite way. Developed to be the main headquarters of the Niagara Hudson electric Company, the Niagara Mohawk building has countless light attributes incorporated right into its structure, and at night the building lights up in a range of styles and colors, specifically along that is tall main spire, totally encompassing the function its creators had actually envisioned for it: together a “cathedral the light”. The three-story building is not as high as few of the an ext famous structures built in that is style, such as the Chrysler building in brand-new York City, however its smaller sized size method that spectators can take in the entire building from throughout the street because that a full, illuminated vision.300 Erie Boulevard West, Syracuse, new York

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The main New York local Market is a huge farmers industry that has actually been operating at the same location because 1942. During its top summer season, the industry is host to an ext than 400 vendors, who sell fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, and also more, straight from the local ranches where they were grown, and other items favor fresh-baked goods, handmade crafts, and local wines and also alcohol. There are also several restaurants top top the premises, where visitors can shot some local fare and whet their appetites if shopping. The sector is open up all year round on Saturdays and also Sundays indigenous 7am till 2pm, and also from may until November on Thursdays native 7am till 2pm.2100 Park St, Syracuse, NY 13208, Phone: 315-422-8647

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each year, from may through October, the Syracuse City market sets up shop outside the Everson Museum of art on the second Sunday of each month. The outdoor industry is a fixture in downtown Syracuse, and also visitors to the city can find handmade products like jewelry, clothing, accessories, and also ceramics and vintage items like clothes, housewares, and also furniture. ~ above the job of the event, the City industry Syracuse opens at 10am and closes at about 4pm, and has proven itself over the year to it is in a perfect ar to uncover unique gifts, quirky accessories, and also fun items for the home.401 Harrison St, Syracuse, NY 13202

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at the end of the last ice cream age, around 10,000 years ago, there was a massive glacial waterfall in ~ the site of Clark preventive State Park. Today, Glacier Lake is a huge body of water situated in the container where the waterfall as soon as fell. Visitors to Clark preventive State Park will uncover the rocky cliff, lake, and also gorge carved from the old waterfall as well as a variety of other rocky formations and also ravines. The area is likewise home to the largest population in the country of American hart’s tongue, a rare species of fern that is federally well-known as a intimidated species.6105 east Seneca Turnpike Jamesville, NY 13078, Phone: 315-492-1590

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because that a important delicious cup the coffee, head to liberty of Espresso, a Syracuse-based coffee shop with four locations in the city. The very trained baristas at freedom of Espresso will offer not simply a very delicious beverage, however a occupational of art, finish with unique designs in the foam that a latte. Every coffee bean at this cafe are locally roasted, i beg your pardon ensures that customers room receiving the finest quality and also freshness in their drinks. A wide an option of drinks combined with a cozy, hip atmosphere makes this cafe a perfect clues to read a book, record up through friends, or get some work-related done with the totally free Wi-Fi.Phone: 315-461-8151

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at Lakeland Winery, visitors can taste a wide selection of wines do by this producer, or even try their hand at making your own. Alcohol tasting appointments deserve to be booked online or by phone, and visitors will be may be to shot some that Lakeland’s best and most diverse vintages. By booking an appointment to do your own wine, Lakeland provides a complete experience, indigenous sampling wine to picking a range to also making it. Client will obtain up come 30 bottles of their homemade wine, which will certainly be all set for pickup and also consumption several months after ~ the winemaking event.877 State same Blvd, Syracuse, NY 13209, Phone: 315-277-2675

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This cultural museum tells the background and heritage of the Haudenosaunee people, likewise known as the Iroquois Confederacy, a indigenous American collective that contained five nations: the Mohawk, Onondaga, Oneida, Cayuga, Seneca, and also Tuscarora people. The museum focuses specifically on the story of the Onondaga Nation, which is indigenous to the Syracuse region. The exhibits, which function multimedia displays, paintings by Haudenosaunee people, and also artifacts from history, will certainly teach visitors around the origins, lifestyles, and also cultures the the Onondaga people. The Skä•noñh facility is open up Wednesday to Friday indigenous 10am until 4pm, and also on but on the weekend from 11am till 4pm.6680 Onondaga Lake Pkwy, Liverpool, NY 13088, Phone: 315-453-6767

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Skytop Quarry was once a absent quarry, but has fallen right into disuse after its abandonment. Today, that is a great place come explore, and one the is frequently used by cyclists. Travellers to Skytop Quarry might note some distinctive details favor the abandoned, shed husks the old cars, strange and also eerie arts exhibits favor lines of dolls’ top placed very closely on the edges of logs, and also empty firepits where parties once took place. That a cool spot for photographers or lover of spooky places, and has a variety of trails because that cyclists and also explorers, although much of the bottom of the quarry’s pit is not conveniently accessible.Jamesville, NY 13078

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sporting activities fans will love watching the Syracuse Crunch play a video game at the Oncenter battle Memorial Arena. This arena, which deserve to seat end 8,000 people, is residence to the Crunch, an American Hockey league team that operates as a farm league for the NHL team the Tampa bay Lightning. Hockey season typically starts in October and continues through until April. Fans watching a Crunch game will enjoy food, drinks, merchandise, and much more while watching an interesting game that hockey and, as always while city hall this thrilling and also chilling sport, they must remember to dress warm.515 Montgomery St, Syracuse, NY 13202

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with Syracuse Pedal Tours, groups of friends, coworkers, or family can view Syracuse native an entirely unique perspective: a pedal-powered trolley that deserve to be activate by as much as 13 people. Syracuse Pedal Tours uses three means to check out the city: a brewery tour, where guests will certainly ride indigenous brewery to brewery and also enjoy a pedal-powered pub crawl, a food tour, where they will protect against at some delicious restaurants because that snacks and also food, and an style tour, wherein guests deserve to sit ago and learn about the city as they pedal with the streets. Every tours are led by a knowledgeable guide, who will carry out recommendations, information, and also fun facts follow me the way. 220 Herald Pl, Syracuse, NY 13202, Phone: 315-420-9640

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on the campus of Syracuse University, amidst the college student relaxing ~ above the quad and also hurrying to their following class, there is a tree the is like no other. The Tree the 40 fruit is an experiment in both art and also science, a Frankenstein’s monster-esque plant which, throughout the spring and also summer, grow over three dozen unique types of fruit. Cherries, plums, peaches, and also almonds are just some that the perfectly edible fruit that flourish on this tree. That was produced by Sam van Aken by grafting the sprout of 40 varieties of tree ~ above a single plant, and also was planted in ~ Syracuse university in 2008.Syracuse college

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at WonderWorks, families, friends, and people of every ages and also interests will discover something to game them because that hours. This amusement park concentrates on edutainment through an ext than 100 interactive exhibits, where guests can learn and let their creative thinking run wild. As well as the exhibits, WonderWorks likewise is residence to a black-lit laser sign maze arena, a ropes course, and also a 4D movie theater. WonderWorks is open 7 job a week, and tickets are accessible for all exhibits packaged together, or individually for some attractions choose laser sign or the ropes course.9090 Destiny USA Dr., Syracuse, NY 13204, Phone: 315-466-7700

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22 ideal Things to carry out in Syracuse, NY

covering Photo: Courtesy of jiawangkun - more ideas:Syracuse Chiefs Minor league BaseballThere’s nothing prefer a day in ~ the sphere game. Greasy ballpark food, a beer in an oversized plastic cup, peanuts, and giant soft pretzels are simply some the the standard snacks that fans have the right to enjoy when watching the Syracuse Chiefs, a minor league Triple A team, play a game. The Chiefs play every year from April till September in ~ NBT bank Stadium, a gigantic baseball ar that seats end 11,000 fans. Guests can pick to sit in the stand or in a deluxe suite throughout the game, and also there is a wide selection of food, drinks, and merchandise accessible inside the ballpark because that those the town hall the game.1 Tex Simone Dr, Syracuse, NY 13208, Phone: 315-474-7833