Beat every an obstacle available in climb of the dig Raider with our complete guide

The an initial statue is the just one in the town area - it"s in former of the big structure friend zipped by to obtain to street level.

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Statue #2 & #3

Head because that the procedures that lead out of the north finish of city to uncover the 2nd and 3rd statues, one on either side.

Statue #4

Before dropping under to the plaza, leap come the other roof (above the Citadel Plaza camp) to with the final statue.

The very first bell is easy to find. Check the height level the the structure you zip under to once entering the town.

Bell #2

From the platform with Bell #1, look at northeast to spot the next bell in the building across the street.

Bell #3

This is in the an initial place you more than likely thought come look: the belfry that the huge tower at the north end of town.

Bell #4

You can get this when you"re sent out to commandeer the trebuchet. Indigenous the platform, look towards the edge of the map. Shoot v the metal barrier there to open a tiny room that residences the last bell.

The shed City - Banner Wars

Burn 8 Deathless banners.

Banner #1

When girlfriend zip under to the rooftop ~ above entering town, check the building automatically west to uncover the first banner.

Banner #2

Go simply a tad northwest native the ahead banner to discover a flooded component of town, patrolled by some Deathless. A banner hangs on among the rooftops here.

Banner #4

Head straight north indigenous Banner #3, however turn around when you pass a tall building. You"ll see one more banner hanging on the wall surface by the sheet of the map.

Banner #5

Turn about from the vantage allude used for Banner #5 to spot the next banner top top a building across the street.

Banner #7

Check the procedures leading out of the north end of the city to find the last banner.

The lost City - Burn baby Burn

Light 5 signal fires.

This is an easy an obstacle to complete, however you can only irradiate the fires with a trebuchet. As soon as you"re first sent come commandeer one (when trying to exit the town area), you deserve to rotate your ar of watch to target at four of the five pyres.

You can aim at the last fire with the second trebuchet. The fire is come the ideal of door you"re trying come shoot down.

Congratulations, you must now have completed all of the increase of the tomb Raider challenges

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