I"ve to be looking approximately a bit however I haven"t found the answer. I"m curious regarding whether buried corpses decay normally.

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Does a roof end the grave influence the decay, or perform they decay as regular corpses?

If I build a freezer about dirt graves or sarcophagi, will certainly it store them fresh? That way I could dig them up if things obtain bad, or if ns really require a brand-new cowboy hat!


In graves and sarcophagi, corpses all degeneration at the same rate no matter what the exterior conditions are. This way that corpses will begin to rot after a quick amount that time, then will progressively rot away into skeletons (takes over a year), then eventually disappear. If you want to store corpses (people or animals) fresh, i m sorry as declared in
n_palum s answer, is the only way to obtain meat off them is to store them fresh, which transforms to rotting after roughly a few days in game, or to refrigerate castle in below zero temperatures (sub 32 in Fahrenheit ns think).

It is worth noting that uneven your colonists have the cannibal trait, they acquire a significant mood de-buff (don"t know how much atm, cant check, will edit) when eating anything that is or contains human meat. If friend do have actually cannibals, keep corpses in a freezer and make sure other homesteaders don"t watch or eat the corpse. Apparel (clothes) that has actually been worn for any amount of time by a corpse likewise gets the dead mans apparel tag, which also applies serious mood de-buffs, so ns don"t introduce using graves as warehouse for clothes either.


I don"t think burying corpses alters the degeneration rate as the sole purpose of tombs are to provide joy to various other colonists and also prevent the -150 to your mood because that seeing dead bodies. Her other options to graves/sarcophagi is to burn the bodies, or butcher them. (Note you can not butcher rotting corpses).

While that doesn"t seem prefer anyone has tested this, ns imagine you can put human being corpses in a freezer to delay their decay process. However, lock likely have to go directly in and also not in a grave in ~ the freezer. As viewed here, you deserve to store animal corpses in a freezer to allow them to critical longer, yet they will at some point rot far regardless. That doesn"t seem over there is any method to usually cryo-freeze a corpse to store it roughly as long as girlfriend want.

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As because that the roof part, the just thing that"ll really protect against is rain from gaining onto the graves, i beg your pardon would help a fire spread over lock in a lightning storm. Which is a suggested way to remove corpses.