Years ago, brave heroes put the denizens that the temple of Elemental evil to the sword. Now, dark pressures whisper again in the shadows of the once-deserted holy place - forces far more insidious and dangerous than any sane person could dream. Evil has actually risen again to threaten the village of Hommlet.
Characters battle the strength of darkness in Hommlet and also beyond, forging their means through numerous dire encounters prior to reaching the fiery finale. Designed as the backbone of a full campaign, Return come the temple of elemental Evil takes personalities from fourth to as high together 14th level. This luxurious adventure build on the groundwork of the original Temple of element Evil (1985), as well as other classic adventures. However, none of those commodities are necesary to reap this one.
To use this adventure, a Dungeon Master additionally needs the Player\"s Handbook, Dungeon Master\"s Guide, and Monster Manual.

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Return come the holy place of element Evil (2001) has large shoes to fill. The initial Temple of elemental Evil, by E. Gary Gygax, is among the game\"s many iconic adventures, a sprawling and trap-filled sink of evil the requires most adventurers come play one cult faction off versus the rather in order to have any kind of chance that dismantling the evil that is farming within. It was the long-awaited sequel to the much-beloved \"Village that Hommlet,\" and also it\"s an adventure location that countless players take into consideration iconic of D&D. Choosing it for among the first truly big dungeon crawls for 3e D&D was really deliberate, together was selecting the extremely talented Monte cook as the author.
So the concern is, just how did Monte do? Other than part minor speed problems, exceptionally well. There\"s a substantial amount the well-written material here, sufficient for much more than a year of continuous play. The adventure carries heroes from 4th to 14th level, although I suspect that\"s a small bit conservative. The variety of to meet is tremendous, the video game mechanics and encounter design are solid, and also the limit of the adventure is aptly epic and nefarious. If you\"re trying to find an adventure because that players that love come dungeon crawl, this is the perfect choice.
Pacing earlier and Forth. I\"ll state my one worry up front. There are a lot of (!) the fights in this adventure, and there\"s the an extremely real danger that these might degenerate right into a combat slog - two actions forward, one step earlier - as challenging fight after challenging fight causes the pcs to have to rest in between encounters. This \"15-minute adventuring day\" trouble can it is in avoided, but as written, the crater-rim mines ar of the adventure, alone, may reason some concerns with pacing.
The concern, of course, is the the football player might end up being so focused on clean everything out negative guys in struggle after bloody fight that they shed sight of their real goals. Next adventures, more reasons come adventure external the dungeon, and a contempt greater variety (or perhaps simply fewer!) the combat to meet would minimize this. If you\"re running the adventure, think about pruning a couple of of the less vital melee encounters.
All that said? What a good adventure! Here, cultists room attempting to dig deep into the initial Temple of elemental Evil, to plan to bring the elder elemental diety Tharizdun earlier into the world. That would certainly be a very bad idea indeed. Get in the heroes, who need to prevent the cultists from opened the 4 elemental nodes and also releasing the four princes of element evil. 
Adventure Structure. The adventure occurs in three significant sections end eight chapters. The starts in the town of Hommlet, through its ever-memorable moathouse. This adventure leader the heroes come the ruined village of Nulb, the remains of the initial temple, and the cult that Tharizdun. The 2nd section has actually the computers infiltrating or invading the stronghold of the cult, a collection of mines about a volvano crater\"s rim that hold 4 elemental temples. The adventure architecture funnels the pcs closer come the center, wherein the most an effective priests the Tharizdun dwell. Clever teams can play each faction off versus the others, leveraging the cultists\" vicious rivalry for the heroes\" very own advantage.
By the time the PCs reach the temple of every Consumption, they challenge some tremendously dangerous obstacles that suggest them ago to the original Temple of elemental Evil. Rituals have started that will bring back Tharizdun, and also in section 3, the heroes will have to act in order to stop the catastrophic that would certainly follow. They have to close the open up nodes, ruin the artifact being used, and also kill the an effective priests who room opening the way for their elder elemental god.
The adventure also includes 4 appendices: brand-new magic items and monsters (the grell is back! and also who, may I ask, doesn\"t love floating beaked brains v barbed tentacles?), details the Tharizdun\"s worshippers, stats for all distinct monsters and also NPCs, and also several player handouts with clues and plot details. If you\"re looking for great \"insanity\" rules because that D&D, this is whereby to uncover them. This rules give the entire adventure a disturbing feel that might remind players of a Call the Cthulhu gamre (in a an excellent way!).
Brimming v Encountery Goodness. It appears churlish to complain that an adventure has too many encounters, specifically when they\"re so easily removed. This is fantastic adventure that\"s jam-packed v adventure. Whether you\"re a DM that prefers to steal an excellent ideas or one who runs adventures exactly as written, you\"ll find Return to the holy place of element Evil to be both fun to read and exciting come run, well worth the time invested tweaking the pacing. 
About the Creators. Monte chef may refuse it, yet he\"s about the closest thing our hobby has to a absent star. His current project, Numenera, a science-fantasy RPG set in the remote future, raised over a half a million dollars ~ above Kickstarter and is the setup for the computer system game stated to be the \"spiritual sequel\" come Planescape: Torment.

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 Monte resides in Seattle.
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