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Dinner and a show in the Aurora Area the Illinois


A typical dilemma: You've gained tickets to watch award to win Broadway at Aurora's Paramount Theatre, or a concert in ~ RiverEdge Park, however you're still not sure where come eat. We heard indigenous locals and also visitors alike seeking straightforward to use dining guide covering downtown Aurora and also the areas of the Aurora Area for simply such one occasion. Whether for a date nightor simply to gain a bite beforea matinee, you're in the right ar to discover delicious destinations come pair through your following outing. Reap the show!

Downtown Aurora


Outstanding dinner choices just steps away native the great Theatre in downtown Aurora.

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Altiro Latin Fusion

Upscale tapas with Latin-fusion flair situated just across the street indigenous Paramount Theatre at the soil floor of iconic Leland Tower.altirolatinfusion.com

Amy Morton’s Stolp Island social (Re-opening fall/winter 2021)

Keep one eye on society media because that the very anticipated re-opening of this funky luxe-casual steakhouse situated next door come Paramount Theatre.stolpislandsocial.com

Ballydoyle irish Pub

Enjoy the traditional fare that the Emerald Isle in a modern-day nod come the irish pub v live to chat on weekends.ballydoylepub.com

El Jefe Lena y Mar

Just phibìc of downtown Aurora, El Jefe offer up authentic mexican cuisine in a lively modern-day setting.eljeferestaurant.net

Fairbanks Steakhouse

Overlooking downtown atop Hollywood Casino Aurora, enjoy steaks, chops, and also cocktails in the casino’s decadent style.hollywoodcasinoaurora.com/steakhouse


Gillerson’s Grubbery

Craft beer is the star here, yet so space the burgers, prefer the Rebel Duck, featured on Chicago’s best TV as among Chicagoland’s finest.gillersons.com

La Quinta de los Reyes

Double-decker mainstay for Latin American cuisine v roving mariachi, full margarita menu, and tableside prep.laquintaaurora.com

Tavern on Broadway

Cozy, casual beer, wine, and also cocktail bar v rotating apps and also mains, only a 3 minute walk native Paramount.facebook.com/tavernonbroadwayaurora

Two brothers Roundhouse

Historic building housing the big, bold seasonings of two Brothers Artisan Beer & Spirits together with a chef-driven gastropub food selection featuring seasonal sides & mains.twobrothersbrewing.com/roundhouse


Date Night


Throughout the Aurora Area, upscale and also eclectic restaurants market excellent options for her evening outing come the Paramount.

113 key • Oswego, Illinois

New American craft in the love of Oswego’s charming downtown area.113main.com

Basils Greek Dining • Aurora, Illinois

Authentic Greek and Mediterranean cooking in a stylish, upscale dining setting near Fox sink Mall.basilsdining.com

Gray’s Mill heritage • Montgomery, Illinois

Historic riverside building newly renovated as an excellent food & beverage destination with a speakeasy, restaurant, gorgeous outdoor patio and biergarten.graysmillestate.com

Hacienda actual • Yorkville, Illinois

Traditional household recipes are offered up with modern-day elegance at this new date night point out in Yorkville.haciendaflavorsofmexico.com


Hardware • north Aurora, Illinois

Sustainable gastropub & brewery v the suburbs’ largest collection that whiskeys. Highlights encompass the ‘living wall’, greenhouse, on-site orchard and hop farm, and also a seasonally rotating menu.eathardware.com

Hopvine impending Co. • Aurora, Illinois

Craft brewery pairing artisan ales through chef-inspired tavern food close to Fox valley Mall.hopvinebrewingcompany.org

La Marimba • Oswego, Illinois

New to downtown Oswego, this i know well casual mexico restaurant supplies fresh flavors and an upscale environment for date night.lamarimbarestaurant.com

Mandrake • Yorkville, Illinois

Chef-driven menu of seasonally sourced small plates and also libations, including an interesting selection of wines and also craft cocktails, renders this cozy spot a dream come true for adventurous eaters.mandrakewinebar.com

The Turf Room • north Aurora, Illinois

New American cuisine centered roughly steaks, chops, and also seafood pair increase with among Chicagoland’s height rated wine program in rustic chic digs.theturfroomrestaurant.com


Lunch and also a Matinee


Attending a matinee in ~ the big Theatre is a good opportunity to carry out brunch or get a group together for lunch prior to the show.

Benny’s location • Oswego, Illinois

Family-owned community favorite because that breakfast and lunch v a full bar.facebook.com/bennysoswego

Chupacabra Restaurant • Aurora, Illinois

Get top top island time through the seasonings of Puerto Rican cuisine at the brick & mortar place of the popular food truck and catering service.chupacabrakichen.com

Crusade citizens Bar • Yorkville, Illinois

Epic burgers & shakes with a absent n’ roll theme have actually made Crusade a travel location for countless Instagram foodies.crusadeyorkville.com

Endiro Coffee • Aurora, Illinois

Tree-to-cup coffee sourced straight from ladies owned co-ops paired with Ugandan spins top top American breakfast & lunch staples in ~ this charming riverside cafe.endirocoffee.com


Harner’s Bakery & Restaurant • phibìc Aurora, Illinois

A Fox valley favorite because that generations, Harner’s is a dining institution where you’ll find fresh-baked pastries and also outstanding breakfast & having lunch items like homemade fried chicken, together featured on Chicago’s ideal TV.harnersbakery.com

Riverview Diner • Montgomery, Illinois

Traditional breakfast, lunch, and dinner items served morning come night in this spacious, group-friendly contemporary diner.riverviewdiner.com

Riverside Pizza & Pub • Batavia, Illinois

Open for lunch and also dinner daily, this modern-day pizzeria supplies a full bar and plentiful seating.batavia.riversidepizzapub.com/

Society 57 • Aurora, Illinois

Located in Aurora's historic Pocus building, society 57 attributes a specialty cafe where Aurora's own Modest Coffee is poured follow me withpastries and breads sourced indigenous Katic Bread that Aurora. An excellent for groups!society57.com

Southbank original Barbecue • Yorkville, Illinois

Follow your sleep to the earlier patio of this BBQ destination with wraparound views of the Fox River, where you can meet your craving for smoked ribs, brisket, and an ext for lunch or dinner. An excellent for groups!southbankoriginalbarbecue.com

SYRUP • Aurora, Illinois

Formerly well-known as colonial Cafe, this suburban restaurant chain modernized its menu and also decor, transforming into an upscale spot for brunch come rave reviews.eatatsyrup.com

Tap home Grill • Oswego, Illinois

An outstanding an option of craft beer and American pub fare is on sell at this group-friendly location in the heart of downtown Oswego.taphousegrills.com/locations/oswego/

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Photos: Hacienda genuine / TheChicagoCouple.com; Altiro Latin blend / Amy Nelson arts & Photography; La Marimba Restaurant Oswego; society 57 / Aurora Downtown.