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Tips and tricks for troubleshot troubles at MICROSOFT LUMIA 640 LTE. This is middle course LTE smartphone from Microsoft to release their Microsoft home windows Phone 8.1 operating system for user who desire to get much faster Internet data rate with GSM LTE / 4G. This phone have 5 inches LCD touch screen, utilizing Quad main point processor smartphone at 1.2 Ghz clock speed from Qualcomm. Us can obtain 8 GB interior memory and 1 GB RAM. If we want to keep more music or MP3 or movie or pictures, then MICROSOFT LUMIA 640 LTE have external memory slot up too 128 GB, of course we deserve to insert it for smaller microSD size like 1 GB or 4 GB together well. This phone have 8 megapixel key camera in the earlier side. If we want to have actually Skype video clip call, utilizing front 1 megapixel camera already enough for that. Please note, this phone is not usage Nokia brand anymore.

What is benefit of MICROSOFT LUMIA 640 LTE (DUAL) Specifications:

GSM 3G HSDPA & LTE 4GLCD 5 inches touchscreen with Gorilla Glass 3Internal storage 8 GBRAM 1 GBExternal memory 128 GBMain Camera 8 MP, 3264 x 2448 pixels, autofocus, LED flashFront camera for video clip conference 1 MPProcessor Quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7GPU Adreno 305Operating system Microsoft home windows Phone 8.1Battery Li-Po 2500 mAh

How to resolve or problem Solving for Recovery MICROSOFT LUMIA 640 LTE (DUAL) hang or no responding or malfunctions or stuck or freeze or bricked ?

When the very first time we activate this phone out from the box, we have to sign in for Microsoft account come synchronize ours data including contact and several others. By default we will obtain several ready to usage applications, however we still have the right to download part other an ext from windows Apps Store prefer Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Skype, Blackberry Messenger (BBM), heat Messenger, WeChat and also many more. However we have to know, some applications at some point can acquire trouble and also make our MICROSOFT LUMIA 640 LTE end up being hang or grounding or bricks or frozen or boot logo loops. At some time our LCD touch display not responding once we run applications. In ~ this poor situations, we require to force soft reset or force shutdown to clean up temporary files and caches. Also reboot will restart all running applications from beginning. If this difficulties still occur after law soft reset, then we need to do tough reset or grasp format. Please remember, doing tough reset or master layout will eliminate or wipe all necessary data and also pictures and also videos native this phone. Therefore we need to do backup all crucial data before doing hard reset.

How to pressure Shutdown or force Soft Reset or Reboot or Restart MICROSOFT LUMIA 640 LTE (DUAL) ?

When we gain trouble through the applications our phone end up being crash or cave or grounding or LCD touch display not responsive in the middle of running applications. We need to pressure soft reset or force shutdown to eliminate cache and also temporary files. Great news for MICROSOFT LUMIA 640 LTE since the battery is removable, so we can force shutdown or soft reset by eliminate or relax the battery ~ open ago case cover, wait around 5 seconds until power completely lost native this phone, then placed again the battery at best positions, ~ that push POWER switch again to revolve it on. Execute not problem to execute this process, due to the fact that soft reset will not erase any type of important data.

We deserve to do this shutdown process when ours phone quiet not acquire trouble because that clean increase the temporary records or cache or to refresh the running applications. Please Press and hold POWER switch for several 2nd until the call shutdown through itself, if you watch ‘slide under to power of‘, perform slide the symbol at this phone then MICROSOFT LUMIA 640 LTE will revolve off. We have to press Power switch again to revolve on MICROSOFT LUMIA 640 LTE again.

How to understand Reset MICROSOFT LUMIA 640 LTE (DUAL) to factory Default ?

After law soft reset, perhaps our smartphone still have trouble or act no normal. Some difficulty can do the operating system damage and also need come be settle by doing difficult reset or understand format. Please follow this several choice step bellow:

#Option 1, just how to hard Reset MICROSOFT LUMIA 640 LTE (DUAL) with setup Menu:

Please mental to backup your important data prior to doing the tough reset to manufacturing facility default, since all data and also installed applications will be erased.

Turn top top the MICROSOFT LUMIA 640 LTEMake certain the battery is completely charge or not emptyGo come menu: Setting > about > Reset her PhoneThe process of formatting MICROSOFT LUMIA 640 LTE will perform by the self


#Option 2, just how to hard Reset MICROSOFT LUMIA 640 LTE (DUAL) v Hardware button Key:

Now we have other choice to tough reset or layout MICROSOFT LUMIA 640 LTE with hardware vital button particularly when the phone grounding or can not access to food selection :

A. Large STEP ONE:

Please remember, we have to do two huge STEP, execute it action by stepTurn turn off the MICROSOFT LUMIA 640 LTEBIG step ONE (a). Press and also Hold the Power Button, do not release until the phone vibrate (if you feel the vibrate in MICROSOFT LUMIA 640 LTE then relax the Power Button)BIG action ONE (b). Press and also Hold the Volume down Button, carry out not release until the LCD show the exclamation note (if you watch the exclamation note in LCD, then release the Volume down Button)

B. Big STEP TWO (this can be done after all huge STEP ONE finish)

To continue reset, you need to do the last step bellowPress Volume Up switch Key and releasePress Volume Down switch Key and releasePress Power switch Key and releasePress Volume Down button Key and releaseThe MICROSOFT LUMIA 640 LTE will do the difficult reset format, wait about three until 5 minutes. While waiting you will watch the gear appear until the finish.

Please remember, you have to follow the action From big STEP A until large STEP B by sequence.

How come Restore and also Reinstall Clean manufacturing facility Default home windows Phone 8.1 operating mechanism / firmware in ~ MICROSOFT LUMIA 640 LTE (DUAL) ? (Reformat)

MICROSOFT LUMIA 640 LTE have 8 GB interior memory. You re welcome note, this is not free capacity that us will gain when use this phone, due to the fact that 8 GB is complete all inner memory storage capacity, but this room also situated for mounted operating system and factory default applications, also document source of windows Phone 8.1 operating system (before upgrade). Therefore, if in some other time when we think our MICROSOFT LUMIA 640 LTE operation system damage or corrupt, then we can reformat or reinstall or gain back with clean factory default Android operating device or firmware that already saved safely inside inner memory or ROM. Can we accidentally remove that document source? As much as we use it normally, we deserve to not access the record source that operating device inside MICROSOFT LUMIA 640 LTE ROM. Exactly how to reformat or reinstall the OS? just follow basic steps to tough reset above, climate clean factory default Android operating mechanism will be reinstall automatically.

How come Unlock or resolve or Bypass or solutions for MICROSOFT LUMIA 640 LTE (DUAL) forgot password password or defense lock display or pen (lost password)?

When we usage this phone for months, then us will have some important and also confidential data or picture or movie/video at inner memory or exterior memory. We recommended for MICROSOFT LUMIA 640 LTE give security protections to avoid non authorized users see our essential data or as soon as phone stolen or lost. Us can select security protections alternatives from software menu. Yet when us forget security security of MICROSOFT LUMIA 640 LTE, climate we can not bypass easily. We have to reformat or tough reset MICROSOFT LUMIA 640 LTE to bypass or unlock forgotten security security or password pin, and also unfortunately all data will be eliminate or wipe as well.

How to improve Performance MICROSOFT LUMIA 640 LTE (DUAL) to make run more faster?

Let view the processor specifications, MICROSOFT LUMIA 640 LTE utilizing Quad core processor through 1.2 Ghz clock speed, of food this phone will certainly run much faster for many applications. But why MICROSOFT LUMIA 640 LTE end up being slowly? normally this difficulties happen since there space too plenty of applications operation in the background and also can do RAM and also processor sources insufficient. Because of this we need to remove or uninstall some not usage applications. Some negative applications or crash applications likewise can do this phone run slowly. If we want to make MICROSOFT LUMIA 640 LTE performance run much faster again favor new, then please think about to do tough reset.

What is the mystery Code vital for difficult Reset MICROSOFT LUMIA 640 LTE (DUAL) ?

There is no secret code because that doing hard reset or master style MICROSOFT LUMIA 640 LTE. Simply follow the step above to hard reset is the easy method to do.

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Hi, ns bought a Lumia 640 dual phone from a friend. I have actually tried to soft reset and hard reset it yet it\"s simply going back to the very same old account. What deserve to I do? you re welcome help Hi, probably this difficulties happen since security Reset protection (at Android well-known as FRP). Her Microsoft Lumia 640 have actually facility for protect your phone from tough reset by someone without asking you. This instance happen because your phone lost or stolen. We call it Reset defense from Security menu setting. If you have done with activate Reset Protection, then you will need to use her answer for bypass reset defense recovery crucial at your Lumia 640 phone. Hey so ns trying to carry out the hard reset making use of hardware keys however I accidentally struggle the the volume secrets in the wrong order. Currently my display just has the lightning symbol on the screen please assist is there any method I can start over Hi, deserve to you try to rotate off this phone by push POWER switch until this phone off by itself? then you can shot again performing hardware button combination key from beginning.

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