With Five Score and also Seven Years ago Relient K’s fifth album in seven years and the follow approximately 2004’s mmhmm, the band’s 3rd consecutive yellow album – some room bound to ask, has actually the pop-punk band, ahem, matured a bit? Well, yes – sort of. If the brand-new album isn’t chockfull of their characteristic puns and concludes with an 11-minute, 115-track tour de force entitled “Deathbed,” rest assured, Relient K has not lost its quirky sense of humor.

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The first track, the a cappella vignette “Plead the Fifth,” because that instance, is created from the ideology of an 19th century male with one outlandish conspiracy theory about Lincoln’s death and it functions lead vocalist/guitarist/pianist Matt Thiessen utilizing his mouth to simulate each instrument of a drum kit. “Crayons have the right to Melt On us For All ns Care,” which takes longer to say 보다 to play, is a classic Relient K goofball aside. And while the epic “Deathbed,” which consists of Switchfoot’s Jon Foreman on guest vocals, has a somber setting as its location implies, the masterfully woven tale of a male life and also death brims with witty observations and also aural ironies.

“I really love to no be severe all the time, also when i am being serious,” claims Thiessen, who likens the band’s growth on Five Score and also Seven years Ago come Laffy Taffy. “It’s the same flavor however we try to stretch it a tiny bit. It’s quiet melodic, that still rock ’n’ roll, there room still a most dynamics. However at the exact same time, we’re do the efforts to write a little differently, lyrically.”

Indeed, the album is a leave for Relient K. In enhancement to the two story-songs that bookend the album, there room some love songs – and also they’re happy ones. “I constantly write around what ns going through and I can’t protect against the reality that I’m simply really happy and there are some an excellent things walk on,” says Thiessen.

The elation is palpable top top “The best Thing,” i m sorry veers giddily in between majestic piano flourishes and punked-out bliss yielded at breakneck speed. And the happy state of mind lights up the exuberant first single “Must have Done miscellaneous Right” as well. “This song represents something that I’ve want to produce for a long time,” explains Thiessen. “It’s no a political commentary or a tear jerking emotion-piece, it’s just a feel good, funny song. Composed at 3 a.m. With a smirk on my face, the song turned out to be something that you have the right to tap her foot and also smile to.” Infatuation is viewed through a fisheye lens in “Faking My very own Suicide,” wherein the narrator (with a wink and a nod come the classic 1970’s comedy Harold and Maude) fantasizes about faking a self-destruction attempt to obtain the attention – and affection – the his dream girl.

But Five Score and Seven year Ago is an ext than an intriguing mix that light and dark humor. Tracks like “Devastation and Reform,” “Bite my Tongue” and also “Up and Up” pick up wherein mmhmm’s “Who i Am Hates who I’ve Been” left off. Classic literature native Aristotle on has actually made much of the tragic hero undone by his one fatal flaw – but Relient K has always been an ext interested in the everyman who messes increase in myriad smaller ways. “We’re all doomed to do mistakes and also to try to recover,” says Thiessen. “But I prefer to look at it native the positive, and refer come it as a grace type of thing.” hence self-loathing is propelled aside in donate of redemption and also the promise readily available by each brand-new day.

Five Score and Seven year Ago point out Relient K’s an initial full-length album featuring bassist John Warne and guitarist Jon Schneck – back the two appeared on the band’s Apathetic EP, released in so late 2005. With initial guitarist Matt Hoopes and also drummer Dave Douglas perfect the lineup, Relient K is now a quintet with each the the members contributing vocals. The backing harmonies, stunning throughout, amp increase the contagious “Must have actually Done miscellaneous Right” and serve as an ironic counterpoint in “Deathbed.” however the biggest change was in the manage booth.

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Relient K recorded most of the album in Los Angeles with producer Howard Benson (Less than Jake, My chemistry Romance, the All-American Rejects). “I was honestly pretty nervous,” confesses lead guitarist Matt Hoopes, “We’d never really operated with any kind of other producer beside note Townsend – the did every little thing from our very first demo, every the means up come the last album. Yet it to be a an excellent experience working v Howard.”

Benson easily assuaged Hoopes’ jitters, creating a supportive environment and bringing a fresh perspective to the band’s music. As soon as their tight recording schedule drew to a close, many of the tape scattered to their respective dwellings for a rapid break before the Nintendo blend tour. (Originally based in Canton, Ohio, the band currently lives “all over the place,” as Hoopes describes. He and also Schneck live in Nashville, Warne lives in Denver and also Thiessen and Douglas stay in Ohio.) ~ L.A., Hoopes put Thiessen up in ~ his place and the two operated in a Nashville studio v producer Townsend, whereby they recorded many of “Plead the Fifth,”Deathbed” and “Crayons have the right to Melt On us For All i Care.”

Five Score and also Seven year Ago is one ambitious follow-up come mmhmm, Relient K’s an initial joint Gotee Records/Capitol release, i m sorry debuted in ~ #15 top top the Billboard 200 and at #1 on the web chart in 2004. It has subsequently to be certified yellow as have actually the band’s previous 2 albums, 2003’s Grammy-nominated Two Lefts Don’t make a Right…But three Do and 2001’s The Anatomy that the Tongue in Cheek. Propelled by the success of mmhmm and its two top 20 singles (“Be mine Escape” and also “Who i Am Hates who I’ve Been”), the band has toured incessantly, hitting the roadway with bands like an excellent Charlotte, straightforward Plan and also MXPX and also landing a main stage slot ~ above the 2005 Vans Warped Tour, and also logging a slew of tv appearances, including “The Tonight show with Jay Leno” and also “Jimmy Kimmel Live” as well as MTV’s “TRL,” “Hard absent Live” and “Summer ~ above the strip from las Vegas.” however Relient K (yes, called for the Reliant K automobile, i beg your pardon Plymouth produced in the 1980’s) relishes its loved one anonymity. “We’re quiet under the radar, nobody knows who we are,” claims Thiessen gleefully. Mmhmm, offered the promise of Five Score and also Seven years Ago, that may change.