The death of "Butcher the Prague" Reinhard Heydrich - among the many feared males in the third Reich - supposed the Nazis shed a vital organizer that terror. To be he an ideology system zealot or careerist aiming to it is in leader one day?


He was explained by Adolf Hitler as "the male with the steel Heart." various other names attributed to him encompass "the Butcher," "the Hangman" and "Himmler"s evil Genius."

Given together epithets, the stands to reason that Reinhard Heydrich"s record is one of reprehensible brutality.

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Heydrich, who led the Nazi defense Squadron, or SS, and also the Gestapo, alsosent the telegraph providing the orders the precipitated 1938"s Kristallnacht pogrom versus Jews in Germany.

As the command planner the Hitler"s last Solution, Heydrichchaired the Wannsee Conference - where details about the murder of countless Jews across Nazi-occupied Europe was debated and toasted through cognac.

Heydrich was additionally regarded by part as a potential future leader that the third Reich.

By the time of the assassination attack versus Heydrich in May1942, that was local governor of the Nazis" Protectorate that Bohemia and also Moravia - today"s Czech Republic. He passed away 75 years ago on June 4, 1942.

Broken engagement

Only 11 years earlier, Heydrich had actually been dismissed native the navy for unbefitting command after break a marriage engagement. It had been a meteoric rise, as chronicler Robert Gerwarth points out in his book"Hitler"s Hangman: The Life that Heydrich."


Heydrich impression Himmler indigenous the beginning and also the two ascended the ladder together

"His life is fairly unusual - his job trajectory is quite unusual in the feeling that he"s a so late Nazi," Gerwarth said

"Most of the human being who had comparable careers in the 3rd Reich were followers of Hitler from the early 1920s onwards," he said. "In his case, it"s a fairly late conversion come Nazism."

The greatly apolitical Heydrich had broken his engagement after conference his wife-to-be, Lina von Osten, a Nazi Party monitor for part time. It was she who persuaded him to apply to join the SS.

Heydrich"s rapid ascent was partly based on chance, a meeting with Heinrich Himmler, who was setup up a counterintelligence department of the service.

"The two men had what friend might speak to complementary talents," claimed Gerwarth,a professor of modern background at university College Dublin"s center for war Studies. "Himmler was very great at structure networks, which was quintessential in Nazi Germany, and Heydrich was a talented organizer.

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"The two regulated to increase through the ranks so thatby the mid-1930s, 1936 to it is in precise, Himmler controls the whole police in Germany, consisting of the politics police, and Heydrich is basically his No. 2."

Convert or careerist?

Some historians have assumed the Heydrich was a careerist, but Gerwarth think not. Instead, he explained Heydrich"s radicalism as that of an extremely ambitious late convert.