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For the past few days, the Wi-Fi connection on my older Samsung Galaxy phone had actually been dropping fairly often.

I use that phone primarily for calls however keep it associated to mine Wi-Fi if I want to usage the internet and also keep the phone call updated.

The Wi-Fi would stay linked for part time, then adjust its standing to “Ready to attach when network top quality improves.”

This was annoying due to the fact that every time ns tried to obtain the call updated; the download would certainly fail because I obtain disconnected.

I had to get this resolved ASAP and also get mine phone ago on a reputable connection.

To find much more information, ns went onto my phone’s support pages and visited some user forums to understand exactly how others faced my issue.

This guide is a result of the study that ns did and also should aid you with this problem if you ever before come throughout it.

The “Ready to connect when Network high quality Improves” concern occurs as soon as the phone think the network it is do the efforts to affix to walk not have a solid enough signal. To resolve this, restart her phone but if that doesn’t solve it, restart your router.

What is the “Ready to attach when Network high quality Improves” Error?


You can run right into this certain error when linked or trying to connect to a Wi-Fi network with your phone.

You can see the error message as soon as you inspect your Wi-Fi connection status in your notification bar or your settings.

In part cases, the status will alternate between Connected and also this error message, result in constant disconnects.

Why to be I facing the “Ready to attach when Network quality Improves” Error?

The “Ready to affix when Network quality improves” error mirrors up when your phone think the Wi-Fi network you space trying to affix to has a low-quality net connection.

The phone think the Wi-Fi network is having issues and also won’t affix to the network until the phone thinks it has been fixed.

This go not median that the signal strength concern is not genuine, and also the phone can be right in part cases.

Of course, there is a chance of the phone misdiagnosing the issue.

Either way, your phone won’t connect to your network, and if it does, the connection will drop frequently.

Forget your Network and Attempt to Reconnect to It


The first thing you can try to fix the concern is come forget the Wi-Fi network and also connect come it again.

Forgetting the Wi-Fi network will delete all information related to the network.

You would require to find the network again and also enter the password to get connected again.

To forget a Wi-Fi network:

Open the setups app.Press and hold the Wi-Fi network girlfriend are having trouble with.From the drop-down menu, choose Forget Network.

Your phone will automatically disconnect indigenous the Wi-Fi network.

Try attempting to attach to the Wi-Fi network again by beginning the password.

Restart her Wi-Fi Router


If forgetting the network didn’t work, you can shot power cycling your router.

Power to ride bicycle is as with a restart, but you totally power under the an equipment before transforming it ago on.

Turn the router off and unplug that from its wall surface outlet.

Wait 3-5 minutes prior to plugging the router ago in and also turn the router on.

When every the lights on the router come ago on, try connecting her phone to the Wi-Fi network again.

Restart her Smartphone

If her phone tho can’t attach to her Wi-Fi router, your phone could be the one it is having concerns here.

To get it fixed, try restarting your smartphone.

Press and hold the power button on the side of your phone.

Wait because that a menu to pop up the should have the power alternatives that permit you rotate off or restart the phone.

If over there is an alternative for a restart, pick it.

If over there isn’t, select the strength off button and let the phone rotate off completely.

Wait because that a couple of seconds before pressing and holding down the power switch to rotate the phone earlier on.

Try connecting the phone to the Wi-Fi network as soon as it restarts and also see if the concern comes back.

Change the Wi-Fi Channel


Wi-Fi, gift a radio wave-based connection, uses different channels for its gadgets to connect, receive and also send data v the network.

Some specific channels are the most optimal because that each frequency band as well.

Setting your router to connect only to these channels can rise the integrity of her Wi-Fi connection.

To readjust the networks on her Wi-Fi network:

Open a browser home window and type192.168.1.1in the attend to bar.Log in come the router admin tool with your login credentials.Go come the Wireless settings.If you have a dual or tri-band router, friend will require to set all networks individually.The finest channels for 2.4GHz room channels1, 6, and also 11.For 5GHz, it relies on how countless devices you have linked to her network. If you have actually lots of users yet only one router, use 80Mhz, but if you have multiple routers and also many devices, use 40MHzSave the alters and

Switch come the 5GHz Frequency Band


Dual and also Tri-band routers have actually multiple channels that let numerous devices attach to a single router.

If you very own one, girlfriend can adjust what channel the router is on by logging in to the router’s admin tools.

To change Wi-Fi channels:

Open a internet browser window.Type192.168.1.1in the attend to bar.Log in come the admin web page using her login credentials.Find the wireless settings; some routers have actually this setting in theAdvancedtab, so make sure you check there together well.Change the band the it’s right now on to any type of of the other bands. Don’t put it top top Auto, though.Save the changes and also log the end from the admin page.Restart the router.

After the router completes that is restart, shot connecting your phone to watch if the concern comes back.

Install a Wi-Fi Repeater

This worry can also be caused as result of a genuine signal toughness issue, yet getting a solid signal to her phone is quite easy.

Get a Wi-Fi repeater and also install it near the area you are having connection problems with.

Good ones favor the TP-Link AC1200 walk on sale on Amazon often and work an extremely well with most routers.

Follow the pairing procedure to collection up the repeater for her Wi-Fi network and shot connecting your phone to the Wi-Fi network again.

Check the network standing of the connection and also see if the worry returns.

What if you conference the Error ~ above a publicly Wi-Fi Network?


If friend are having connection worries with a public Wi-Fi hotspot, the avenues you can try to fix narrow down a lot due to the fact that you cannot access a public network’s admin tools.

When you try to affix to public Wi-Fi, friend would have to log in come a webpage.

Make certain the details that you go into on that page are accurate and also correctly represent your phone.

If you get in incorrect data, the network won’t connect because there is a mismatch in between what girlfriend entered and also what the network sees.

Unfortunately, over there is nothing else the you can shot since girlfriend are totally closed turn off from accessing any type of admin settings of public hotspots.

If one hotspot doesn’t occupational for you, the best thing you can do is to go to the next nearest one.

Hotspot services usually have maps digital that allow you find a hotspot near you, so the worry in detect a new hotspot is substantially reduced.

Final Thoughts

If girlfriend can’t connect your phone to Wi-Fi, you deserve to tryconnecting a call that has actually its sim deactivated to the Wi-Fi networkand view if you have the right to replicate the worry there together well.

Having issues with connecting to Wi-Fi have the right to also result in you not being may be to start a Wi-Fi hotspot yourself, but this deserve to only occur if there is an problem with her phone and also not her router.

Try turning on the hotspot attribute to confirm if it was an issue with her phone and also not the router.

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Frequently inquiry Questions

How execute I fix poor Network settings?

You can shot fixing a badly configured network through restarting your router.

If the worry persists, reset her router.

How carry out I prevent my Network from changing?

If you space on Android, you have the right to stop your phone from transforming networks frequently by turning off Auto Network Switching.

How to check the quality of your Wi-Fi Network?

Regular speed tests cannot examine the quality of your Wi-Fi network.

To do a an ext thorough quality test, runan web quality testfrom blend Connect.

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How execute I reset mine network adapter?

To reset the network adapter on your windows 10 PC:

Open theSettingsapp.Go toNetwork & Internet>Status.UnderAdvanced network settings, chooseNetwork reset.Confirm the prompts the come up.Wait till the reset completes.