Find out how to complete the primary Easter egg in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s latest zombies DLC.

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Rave in the Redwoods is now out and available to the public. If you haven’t dove in simply yet, then don’t worry. There’s plenty of stuff to perform in the brand-new map, and also you’ll have to know rather a couple of points before you deserve to complete the major Easter egg. Once you’re ready, though, this post will certainly aid you finish the major Easter egg and unlock the Locksmith trophy. We’ll also display you how to play as Kevin Smith in Rave in the Redwoods.

This article lists the procedures required to finish the primary Easter egg step by action. A few of the measures will encompass web links to additional guides that will certainly go right into even more information about each area. Make certain to visit these guides if you need comprehensive assist addressing a details step of the puzzle. You have to complete the measures listed listed below in the order that we list them to solve the primary Easter egg and also beat Rave in the Redwoods.

Turn on the Power

To obtain points began you’re going to need to find the power switch and also activate it. This can be done utilizing our guide on just how to turn on the power, which offers basic to follow instructions for how to uncover the power switch.

Repair the Boat and Projector

Next you’ll must construct the watercraft propeller and find the film reels for the projector that is on Turtle Island also. Repairing the boat will enable you to access the island also, which holds also more locations for the players to check out. You have the right to follow our thorough overview on how to repair the watercraft propeller, and also our finish walkthrough of just how to find the Pack-a-Punch, which will certainly present you just how to uncover the Film Reels.

Sheight to Kevin Smith

With the projector solved, usage the radio in the projector room and also talk to Kevin Smith. This will begin the first official step of the primary Easter egg hunt.

Collect Photos and Complete Rituals

After speaking to Kevin, you’re going to need to occupational on some added items. If you open up up your inventory you’ll notice that the fourth photo is comprised of numerous smaller sized pieces, each through a various scratched out photo on it. You’ll must collect these pieces and complete the rituals connected with each one to finalize the photo.

The initially photo is uncovered in the upper level of the Reproduction Area, wright here the rave takes location. Look for it on the floor.

The second photograph can be uncovered on the balcony exterior of the room with the Tuff Enuff machine inside. This room is found upstairs from the major cabin spawn.

The final photo is found in the generator room wbelow the power switch is. It’s on the floor next to the wheel with the zombie on it.

With all three photos in tow, it’s time to finish the rituals for each one.

The first ritual website can be discovered at the Adundertaking Course, the area via the yellow tents close to a bonfire. You should complete arm shots and also kill Crawlers below.

To complete the second routine, head to the Recreation Area, and also acquire explosive kills in front of the Quickies perk machine.

The 3rd ritual requires you to obtain headshots in front of the Bang Bang machine at Bear Lake.

When you arrive at one of the ritual places, communicate via the location that it says “organize to area item” and an infinite Rave Setting will certainly start, spawning a ton of zombies, and also ultimately the Slasher. Complete the goals over and kill the Slasher to finish each routine. Pick up the items that he drops at the end, and the photo in your inventory will certainly currently be cleaned up. Now head earlier to the projector room and talk to Kevin in in between each routine. Rinse and also repeat until all 3 pieces are completely clean.

Press Red Buttons

The next step needs you to make your method down to the generator room wbelow you revolve on the power. Here you will find a series of red butlots via white lights above them. Players need to interact through these butlots and activate them concurrently.

Fight The Boss

After completing the rituals and activating the red butloads, players deserve to take a trip throughout the lake through Kevin in the boat. Along the means he’ll loss out and a enormous boss will generate. You’ll must fight the boss with fairly a few different steps.

Fill the Soul Orbs

Players will certainly then discover themselves teleported into a strange location wbelow a number of blue Soul Orbs have spawned. Kill zombies close to the orbs to collect their souls. Continue this procedure till eexceptionally Soul Orb is completely filled and also a light shines dvery own on them from over.

Kill the Boss

After you fill the Soul Orbs, it’s time to lastly take down the boss. During this phase of the fight players have to tempt the boss right into a series of clue circular totems. This will certainly tether the boss to the ground, trapping it and also enabling players to inflict big amounts of damages on the boss in its entirety. Aim at the bosses weak spot, a blue hit area, to inflict the a lot of damage. After doing enough damage, Rave Setting will deactivate and players will certainly need to fight the boss in the normal people.

At this point assorted hit areas will certainly be marked on the boss by runes or symbols. Shoot these locations to inflict damage on the boss. Continue this until the following phase of the fight is motivated. From here a number of green circles will certainly activate and players will certainly must store skeletons out of the circles while additionally remaining within their boundaries. Do this for a couple of moments until the phases begin to repeat. Players will should repeat the processes detailed above a number of times until the boss dies and drops the Soul Key item.

Watch the Final Cutscene

With the boss beat, pick up the Soul Key piece to cause the last cutscene. This will certainly likewise complete the Locksmith trophy/accomplishment, and also unlock Kevin Smith as a playable character.

How to Play as Kevin Smith

To play as Kevin Smith, players ssuggest should enter the complying with code in at the zombies primary food selection to play with the next enhance as the comedy star.


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Now that you understand how to complete the primary Easter egg and play as Kevin Smith, head back over to our Rave in the Redwoods guide for more short articles and guides to assist you endure the latest zombies nightmare.