The Randy Potter institution of Piano Technology is a finish correspondence, home-study institution teaching piano tuning, repairing, regulating, voicing, apprentice training, company practices and also dealer and manufacturer relations. Students learn not only to business pianos, however customer relations and how to start and also operate a piano business business, including managing dealers and manufacturers making use of modern, up-to-date organization practices. We space the biggest school teaching piano modern technology in the world, and also have students transparent the U.S. And also Canada, and also in end 80 nations throughout the world.

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Learn whatever you require to understand to come to be a experienced piano technician in as little as 6 month – all from the comfort of your very own home



The Randy Potter school of Piano an innovation offers the most complete home research course ever before published. Student receive everything they require to end up being skilled piano technicians without ever before leaving the house!



In depth course material

The RPS home Study course includes more written training product than any other course ever before published.


Internationally renowned program

The only home study course provided by schools, colleges and also licensed apprentice cultivate programs approximately the world. RPS has actually students in end 90 countries!

Vast multimedia library

RPS students have accessibility to end $7,500 in instructional audio and video clip material

The Potter food notebook is an extremely easy come read and understand. Number of years after graduating, it is still my go-to reference source.
"I am so thankful because that the Randy Potter correspondence Course and also Hands-on Seminar because that launching my brand-new career. Ns usually track 3 pianos daily while my kids are in ~ school and am done over time to pick them up at 3:00. It is a perfect fit because that my family."
Having examined the course, I have the right to say, there is no hesitation, the it is a comprehensive, in-depth masterpiece. This wonderful job-related can benefit every level of piano technician out in the field.

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In his course Randy shares lots of vital facts in addition to interesting and memorable story gleaned indigenous his decades of hands-on experience.

For over 30 years, the Randy Potter institution of Piano an innovation has available quality instruction for beginning and intermediate student in piano tuning, repairing, regulating, voicing, apprentice training and also business practices.