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We want to malfunction what we are seeing, present you how to permit the FPS limiter, and also request much more information from players that room experiencing an problem that different from what we are seeing.

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CPU pack Balancing

Rainbow six is designed to do the many out that multi-core CPUs. All processing that needs to be excellent every frame is spread throughout the available cores top top the hold system. When v-sync is enabled, Rainbow 6 finishes a frame’s handling fast sufficient that it will finish up wait for the v-sync come happen, because of this relinquishing it’s usage of the CPU cores so they may be used for other programs that are running top top the pc at the same time (e.g. Music player, voice conversation software, etc.). If you disable v-sync friend are basically asking Rainbow 6 to operation as fast as possible with every the resources accessible on the PC. This way that there will certainly be no wait period in the frame due to the fact that processing the the next framework will begin as soon as the current one is finished unless the game needs to wait for the GPU to finish its cycle. Which, in this scenario, the an outcome is hitting (close to) a 100% CPU usage.

Also, note that this is more likely to occur with a powerful graphics map or lowering the graphics details.

Rainbow Six frame processing illustration top top a 4-core CPU

Windows will certainly still take control over the computer every now and then to do sure other programs have a opportunity to run, however Rainbow six itself will not relinquish control by itself.

Some players have actually reported the they experience serious input lag, framework drops or generally negative performance when this is happening. This is an undesired effect. We space still working to recognize the exact reason for this behavior, together we have not to be able to observe and also reproduce this concern internally. If you space experiencing input lag, structure drops, or negative performance, please describe the Feedback section at the finish of this blog.

Additionally this can sometimes lead to problems with various other CPU intensive programs that room running in ~ the very same time in the background (e.g. Video streaming); therefore, we will certainly be experimentation a FPS limiter top top the procedure Para Bellum check Server.

FPS Limiter

We are right now testing the affect that a FPS limiter will have on this issue. For those of friend who are experiencing performance worries while her CPU is in ~ 100% usage, enabling the FPS limiter in the .ini document will avoid Rainbow six from utilizing additional cores past what is needed to with the limit that you have set.

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You can enable the FPS limiter through going right into the gamesettings.ini record which is located right here by default:

C:\Users\Documents\My Games\Rainbow 6 - Siege\GameSettings.ini

Then, you need to edit the adhering to line:

;FPSLimit => border the game's fps. Minimum of 30fps. Anything listed below will disable the fps limit.



If you are experiencing 100% CPU usage and also are suffering performance concerns with the video game itself, allow us know through submitting a customer support ticket. You re welcome be certain to encompass the complying with information:

Your Gamesettings.ini and full DxDiag

Screenshot the the job manager processes throughout the video game when the issue happens

Run the benchmark check (multiple time whenever possible) and also send united state the complying with information

Video capture of the exam runningThe resulting benchmark ini papers (they are situated either under: my Documents\My Games\Rainbow six or under C:\Program papers (x86)\digitalrecordersreview.org\digitalrecordersreview.org game Launcher\games\Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 Siege)

Mouse DPI

Mouse Polling rate

Is v-sync (and g-sync if supported) top top or off?

Are there any 2nd applications open throughout the video game (streaming, recording, conversation etc.)

Is it feasible to extract a pattern of gameplay once the problem happens?

Is it prior to or after ~ any specific events?

Are over there any details maps or Ops selected whereby the concern happens an ext often?

Your feedback is very beneficial to united state as it allows us to boost the quality of the game. Thank you for taking the moment to submit it!