What is the “TypeError: no all arguments converted throughout string formatting” error?

In Python, a TypeError is encountered as soon as you execute an operation or use a function on an object of the untrue type. You could encounter these errors when working v integers and also strings. Together a common error is TypeError: no all debates converted during string formatting. This error is led to when over there is a mismatch in data types and strings room not appropriately formatted.

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The systems to this error is to use suitable string formatting attributes such as int() or str() to obtain the desired data type.

Let united state take a look at at an instance where this error is raised:

# get in number native usernum = (input("Enter a Number: "))# separated Number v integer 5 reminder = num % 5print(num," divide by 5 Reminder is : ", reminder)Output:

reminder = num % 5TypeError: not all disagreements converted throughout string formattingIn this program, the TypeError is raised as the numvariable accepts intake in the form of a string from the user. So, the modulus operation(%)cannot be performed top top it and also it cannot be separated by an essence 2.


Here is a way to fix it:

# enter number indigenous usernum = (input("Enter a Number: "))# divided Number with integer number 5reminder = int(num) % 5print(num," division by 5 Reminder is : ", reminder)Here, the duty int()is provided to convert the cable in the variable num into an integer. It is then easily divided by 2 making use of the modulus operation, to identify whether the is an odd number or not.

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Take a look at at one more example:

# input Name and also Age from username = input("Enter surname : ")age = input("Enter age : ")# print Name and Age of userprint(""0"Age is "1""% name, age)Output

print(""0"Age is "1""% name, age)TypeError: not all disagreements converted throughout string formattingYou have the right to resolve this error by using the modern-day methods that formatting noted by Python – the format() method. Adjust the code prefer this:

# input Name and also Age indigenous username = input("Enter name : ")age = input("Enter age : ")# print Name and also Age that userprint(""0"Age is "1"".format(name, age))This fixes the error together the new formatting an approach uses along v the format()method.