Launched 6 years ago, Rainbow six Siege remains one of the sexy shooters. Despite the game is lit, countless gamers still report being bugged through the chat not working issue. If you happen to be on the same boat, don’t worry. Below we placed together some working fixes down below, shot them and get your comms earlier right away.

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Try these fixes

You could not need to try them all. Just work your means down until you discover the one that does the trick.

Fix 1: Make certain your mic is working

Before attempting anything more complicated, you have to make sure your microphone is functioning. Examine if your device is securely plugged right into the exactly port, and also if the cable is in an excellent condition. Likewise if you’re making use of a headset through a physics switch, make sure it’s rotate on and set to a center volume. If possible, test your machine on one more computer.

Audio Ports

If you think that her mic is functioning properly, take it a look at the next fix below.

Fix 2: inspect the sound settings on your PC

Next make certain the mic is configured correctly on her computer. You can follow the steps listed below to check.

On your keyboard, press Win+R (the Windows logo button and the r button) at the same time to invoke the operation box. Type or paste ms-settings:sound and click OK.
Under the Input section, make sure your input device is set to your desired one. Then click Device properties and also test microphone.
Make certain the box alongside Disable is unchecked, and the slider under Volume is set to 100.
Click Start test and madness or speak to her microphone. Climate click Stop test. If she prompted The greatest value we witnessed was xx (xx > 0) percent, it means your microphone has actually been collection up correctly.

Now you can test her mic in Rainbow six Siege.

If this settle doesn’t provide you luck, you can continue to the next one.

Fix 3: update your maker drivers

The voice chat concern could indicate that you’re using faulty or outdated drivers. We always recommend gamers to keep their driver up to date because it could help avoid lots of compatibility issues. In troubleshooting audio problems, you have to make sure you’re using the recent graphics and audio drivers. There’re 2 methods you deserve to update your machine drivers: manually or automatically.

Option 1: upgrade your vehicle drivers manually

If you’re familiar with your computer setup, you can try to update your drivers manually. Very first for her network and audio drivers, visit your motherboard manufacturer’s assistance website and search for her model. And for the GPU driver, simply go to your graphics map manufacturer’s download page:

Then download the latest installer that’s compatible with your system.

Option 2: update your drivers automatically (Recommended)

If friend don’t have the time, patience or computer an abilities to update your vehicle drivers manually, girlfriend can, instead, perform it instantly withDriver Easy. Driver simple will instantly recognize her system and find the correct motorists for your exact graphics card, and your windows version, and also it will certainly download and install lock correctly:

Run Driver Easy and click theScan Nowbutton. Driver simple will climate scan her computer and detect any kind of problem drivers.

The Pro version of Driver basic comes through full technical support. If you require assistance, please contact Driver Easy’s assistance team atsupport

After updating every the drivers, restart your computer and check if you can now speak in Rainbow six Siege.

If the latest motorists didn’t help, friend can shot the following solution.

Fix 4: install all windows updates

Usually Windows will certainly download and install system updates automatically, but since it’s also a customizable feature, girlfriend should examine for update manually in troubleshooting.

Here’s how:

On her keyboard, push Win+I (the windows logo key and the i key) to open the Windows settings app. Click Update & Security.
Click Check for updates. Windows will then download and also install the obtainable patches. It could take part time (up come 30 mins).

To confirm you’ve installedallthe system updates,repeat these stepsuntil the prompts “You’re approximately date” as soon as you clickCheck because that updates.

Once you’ve mounted all the mechanism updates, reboot your PC and test the mic in Rainbow 6 Siege.

If this settle doesn’t carry out the trick for you, simply move on come the following one.

Fix 5: set your in-game audio properly

Next friend should check if the in-game audio setups are misconfigured. You can use these actions to verify:

Launch Rainbow 6 Siege and open OPTIONS. Navigate to the AUDIO tab. Set Master Volume to a center value, Voice chat Volume to max (100).
You can collection Voice Chat record Mode come Open relying on your use case. Collection Voice Chat record Level come 100, then choose a moderate worth for Voice Chat record Threshold.
Now go back to your game and test the game chat.

If changing the audio setups can’t acquire your chat working, you can proceed to the following method.

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Fix 6: examine if it’s a server issue

If nobody of the fixes above work for you, possibly you shouldn’t problem too much. Follow to part games, it might be just a server glitch. And feedback says that this error wake up occasionally. To uncover out if it’s merely a server issue, girlfriend can examine the Ubisoft support Twitter for the latest information.

So these room the fixes for your voice chat worry in Rainbow six Siege. Hopefully, this post helps you fix the problem and also you deserve to now enjoy the game with her friends. If friend have any kind of doubts or ideas, just talk to united state in the comment below.