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Sonny Uwaezuoke, Writer - Alex Tumay, Mixer - Jeffery Williams, Writer - Wesley Glass, Writer - Shayaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, Writer - Gordie Tumay, Assistant Mixing engineer - SahBabii, MainArtist - Loso Loaded, FeaturedArtist - Raphael "Pheal" Aymoz, Producer - Rockin "T3" Valdery, Masterer, extr Mixer, Co-Producer - Saaheem "SahBabii" Valdery, lead Vocals, lift Vocals, tape-recorded by - Saaheem Valdery, Writer - Letrell Reynolds, Writer

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About the album

1 disc(s) - 1 track(s) total length: 00:03:48
16-Bit CD quality 44.1 kHz - stereotype

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Abba gold Anniversary Edition


Abba gold Anniversary execution ABBA

Super Trouper


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Voulez-Vous ABBA
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by SahBabii



Watery SahBabii

Outstanding (feat. 21 Savage)


outstanding (feat. 21 Savage) SahBabii



S.A.N.D.A.S. SahBabii


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S.A.N.D.A.S. SahBabii

Purple Ape (feat. 4orever)


purple Ape (feat. 4orever) SahBabii


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