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"Blow" (stylised in all caps) is a track by English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran and American singer-songwriters kris Stapleton and also Bruno Mars. It was released ~ above 5 July 2019 as the fourth solitary from Sheeran"s fourth studio album No.6 Collaborations Project. Sheeran announced the song and also music video"s release on 30 June 2019. The last was delay to 8 July 2019.

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Oh!I"m feelin" choose a bulletJumpin" the end a gunI"m feelin" favor a winnerI feel like the oneYou"re doin" somethin" to meYou"re doin" somethin" strangeWell, jump back, talk to me, womanYou make me wanna do a baby, babyUhSupernatural womanSupernatural freakDon"t understand what you"re doin"Got me feelin" weakOh, i wanna contact you fever, babyYou can set a fire top top meHot damn, popular music it favor a pistol, mamaYou obtained me down on my knees, begging pleaseI"m comin", babyI"m gunnin" for you, yeahLocked (locked), loaded (loaded)Shoot my shot tonightI"m comin", babyI"m gunnin" for youPull my trigger, let me blow your mindYou red leather rocketYou lil" foxy queenEverybody"s watchin"Pretty little thingBaby, call me, what"s your fantasy?Come closer, let"s talk around itYou desire white present in a limousineWhipped cream, and also everything in-between, yeahI"m comin", babyI"m gunnin" because that you, yeahLocked (locked), invited (loaded)Shoot my shot tonightI"m comin", babyI"m gunnin" because that youPull mine trigger, permit me blow your mindI"m comin", babyI"m comin", babyI"m gunnin" because that you, yeahLocked (locked), loaded (loaded)Shoot mine shot tonightI"m comin", babyI"m gunnin" because that youPull my trigger, allow me blow your mind, oh!

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chris Stapleton Christopher Alvin Stapleton (born April 15, 1978) is an American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and also record producer. He to be born in Lexington, Kentucky, and grew increase in Staffordsville, Kentucky, until moving to Nashville, Tennessee, in 2001 to pursue a job in music composing songs. Subsequently, Stapleton signed a contract through Sea Gayle Music come write and also publish his music.As that 2018 Stapleton has actually amassed credits writing and co-writing over 170 songs. He has co-written six number-one nation songs consisting of Kenny Chesney"s five-week number-one "Never want Nothing More", George Strait"s "Love"s Gonna do It Alright", and Luke Bryan"s "Drink a Beer". His song have showed up on countless artists albums consisting of Adele, Brad Paisley, a… more »

Written by: Bard McNamee, Brody Brown, Bruno Mars, Christopher Alvin Stapleton, Edward Christopher Sheeran, open minded Mandeville Rogers, Greg McKee, J.T. Cure