Can anyone please describe to me how i deserve to obtain this item, i've been searching on Google but can't really understand also reason there's a lot of conflicting information. This is the last thing i have to obtain the Plat.

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You have three options:

Equip the Blade of the Darkmoon or Blue Sentinels covenant items and also pray for summons. Kill intruders in the host's civilization or escort them to the boss fog.

Farm the Silver Knights on the Anor Lonexecute procedures and pray for drops. Wear as much item exploration as feasible and also you have to gain one drop eincredibly 15 minutes or so on average.

Do both at the exact same time if you have the right to take care of that a lot praying.

Ok, so i don't understand what you declared in number 1, can my frifinish summon me once i use White Sign Soaprock and then we kill a boss together and if so which covenants perform we need to usage to gain Proof of Concord Well Kept?

Go to anor loncarry out bonfire

perform leg day up and also down the steps

No summons happen when you're above 150ish btw

You get Proof of Concord Well Kept very same way you obtain the normal ones.

To intricate, you have to equip the covenant and also sit roughly until you gain summoned. No invading, no summon authorize crap. You need to sit and also wait. (Risk of fatality by organic reasons, you have actually been warned) Until you are acquiring summoned as a blade of the dark moon. Then you hope and pray that tright here is also an Aldwealthy invader while you're at it. Kill them and there you have actually it.

Or simply obtain the consistent ones, it's about the same point. Although it is worth much less, somepoint is much better than nopoint.

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If you have a friend tright here is a way to attempt. First, you cannot usage the soapstone summon for the blue items to work-related. However before, you have the right to summon an additional friend this way to aid gank the intruders.

Have the first equip the "Way of the blue" covenant item. What this does is it allows someone equipped with the "blue sentinels "or "dark moon blades" to be auto summoned when attacked. He summons the other frifinish if applicable.

You equip the "blue sentinels" covenant item or the "dark moon blades" covenant item. The blue sentinels item deserve to be discovered after going through the Roadway of Sacrifices, by the Halfmethod Fortress Bonfire. The npc's have it, talk to them to get it. The various other is a lot better on.

Next, wait for him to be attacked. Remeber, he hregarding be ember ed to be invaded. Hopecompletely you will be summoned to assist. It is an auto summon, so summoning by soaprock authorize does not work for this.

Next, the hard part: Kill the invader. Tip 3: Profit.

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Bonus: if your frifinish additionally provides the dried fingers item, they have an increased chance of being attacked.