Can anyone please describe to me exactly how i can obtain this item, i've been browsing on Google however can't yes, really understand cause there's a lot of conflicting information. This is the last point i need to gain the Plat.

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You have actually three options:

Equip the tongue of the Darkmoon or Blue Sentinels commitment items and pray because that summons. Kill intruders in the host's human being or escort them to the ceo fog.

Farm the silver- Knights on the Anor Londo steps and also pray because that drops. Undertake as much item discovery as feasible and you should gain one fall every 15 minutes or for this reason on average.

Do both at the same time if you have the right to handle that much praying.

Ok, so ns don't understand what you declared in number 1, deserve to my girlfriend summon me once i use White authorize Soapstone and also then we death a ceo together and if therefore which covenants execute we must use to gain Proof that Concord fine Kept?

Go come anor londo bonfire

perform foot day up and down the steps

No summons happen when you're above 150ish btw

You get Proof the Concord Well maintained same means you obtain the typical ones.

To elaborate, you need to equip the covenant and sit about until you acquire summoned. No invading, no summon authorize crap. You have to sit and also wait. (Risk of death by natural causes, you have been warned) until you are getting summoned as a tongue of the dark moon. Climate you hope and pray that there is additionally an Aldrich invader when you're in ~ it. Kill them and there you have actually it.

Or just obtain the regular ones, it's around the same thing. Although it is worth less, other is much better than nothing.

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If you have a girlfriend there is a means to try. First, friend cannot usage the soapstone summon for the blue items come work. However, you have the right to summon one more friend this method to assist gank the invaders.

Have the very first equip the "Way that the blue" commitment item. What this walk is it allows someone equipped through the "blue sentinels "or "dark moon blades" to be auto summoned when invaded. The summons the other friend if applicable.

You equip the "blue sentinels" agreement item or the "dark moon blades" commitment item. The blue sentinels item deserve to be found after going through the road of Sacrifices, through the Halfway Fortress Bonfire. The npc's have it, speak to them to obtain it. The other is much more on.

Next, wait because that him to it is in invaded. Remeber, he has to be ember ed to it is in invaded. Hopefully you will be summoned come help. That is an auto summon, so summoning by soapstone authorize does not work for this.

Next, the tough part: death the invader. Step 3: Profit.

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Bonus: if her friend also uses the dried fingers item, they have actually an boosted chance of gift invaded.