My very first Wonderdraft map - The city that Easthold for my DnD setting. Done in one night so come out a bit cluttered, but I'm happy through it! any kind of feedback appreciated.

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Looks great! I'd recomment spring at part cliff/bluff assets to yes, really hit house the view on the shore line

Yeah i couldn't quite figure out just how to get the default asset ones come fit in... Any custom asset packs you'd recommend or maps making great use of the default persons I can take some motivation from?

Looks awesome. Just piece of feedback I’d speak is that the park in the bottom left doesn’t seem come chime with the isometric viewpoint. That looks also ‘top down’. Yet otherwise this reminds me that genuine medieval town maps so great work.

Thanks, yeah ns really struggled finding isometric road assets... Any type of pointers to good places come look would certainly be amazing!

Made some minor adjustments to do it watch a little much more isometric - hard to execute too lot without totally remaking that whole section or using fully different heritage though! i think it's an advancement though, so many thanks again because that the feedback!

Love it! I'd introduce scattering clumps of smaller docks because that river/estuary fishing boats, since the main blue-water harbour is off-screen in the reduced left corner but there would certainly still more than likely be loads of smaller watercrafts for fishing, transportation and recreation that would be too little for the huge harbour, i hope the made sense I have actually a background of rambling incoherently lol

No that absolutely made feeling haha, thanks for the ideas! i was hoping to do precisely that yet so much haven't been able to discover any an excellent isometric dock heritage that match the structure art style. If you understand of any, that would certainly be amazing

Hahaha five man, yeah certainly didn't realise that, although the end of every the kingdoms in this human being that translation weirdly kinda fits this one!

Thanks because that the feedback everyone, seems like a an excellent community here, I'll be certain to re-superstructure future maps right here too.

I've made a few minor edits based on feedback (adding some small docks, make the park an ext isometric, etc.) and cleaned increase some other bits i noticed had issues.

Since people generally seemed to quite choose this map, i figured I'd put up a variation without the name in situation anyone wants to use it for their very own purposes.

Free for any kind of use as far as i know, despite it does encompass custom assets from 2 Minute Tabletop's City pack, MrPhergus's Dock heritage pack, and a grasp of royalty-free ship assets from cost-free png sites. Feel totally free to get in touch if you desire to usage it because that anything except an individual use and I can dual check those for you.

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A community specialized to the Wonderdraft map making tool for fantasy worlds.




Created Aug 5, 2018


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