average Look is a Normal kind move in Pokémon that stops its target in that is tracks. An excellent for recording Legendaries, which Pokémon can learn this move?

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Let"s speak you"re make the efforts to record a legendary Pokémon: a roaming legendary that will certainly instantly flee ~ above its first turn. How deserve to you eve have a expect of making this capture? Luckily, there room abilities and moves that can stop a Pokémon in their tracks, and also one the the most popular moves to do that is median Look.

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mean Look is a normal-type move that avoids its target from switching out or fleeing. It constantly hits (unless the foe has provided a move such together Fly or Dig). The has considerable use in both NPC battles and also competitive play, and also several strong Pokémon room able to learn it. Without additional ado, let"s list the the strongest Pokémon that can learn typical Look (ranked by your base stat totals).

beginning off the list with a an extremely mysterious and intriguing Pokémon, it"s the disaster Pokémon, Absol. Recognized for its ability to predict organic disasters and warn humans, it to be unfairly judged together the cause of said herbal disasters. In-game, Absol has a base stat total of 465, which rises by 100 as soon as evolving into Mega Absol.

Absol go not find out Mean watch via level up. Rather it deserve to learn the move through breeding. This was feasible from Generations IV with VII, meaning Absol can not find out Mean watch in the debut games, Generation III.

Beating the end Absol by one point, Meowstic has actually a base stat total of 466, however only male Meowstic space able to find out Mean Look. The sex differences in between Meowstic are not just in your appearances but in your learnset together well.

female Meowstic learn more offensive moves, while male Meowstic learn more defensive/support moves. This defines why the masculine Meowstic is given Mean Look, which it learns best from the get-go at level 1. If girlfriend have ever before gotten a look at unwarranted and perturbed glare native a cat, it could be the catalyst for male Meowstic"s moveset.

Cofagrigus was presented in Generation V, representing a own Coffin in Pokémon form. Having actually a base stat total of 483, that is maybe to learn Mean Look at level 51, when its vault form, Yamask, learns it in ~ level 45.

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This readjusted dramatically in Generation VIII, v the arrival of both a Galarian form of Yamask and Cofagrigus, dubbed Runerigus. Runerigus is thought to be based upon the Ingvar Runestones, i m sorry are located in Europe. Though possessing the same base stat total, now both Cofagrigus and Runerigus Pokémon discover Mean Look in ~ level 28.

Often, typical Look is linked with Ghost or Dark-type Pokémon, particularly ones who have a menacing stare to begin with. However, Hawlucha is based upon a Luchador and therefore has to keep up appearances in order to intimidate any kind of opponent it may come across in the ring.

through a solid base stat total of 500, Hawlucha is the only Fighting/Flying combination type in the Pokémon series, make it important unique among its peers. It is maybe to discover Mean look at through breeding with Sableye, that learns typical Look at level 36.

possibly the many iconic Ghost Pokémon in the series, Gengar also possesses a basic stat total of 500 like Hawlucha, yet has under weaknesses 보다 the Fighting/Flying Pokémon, and being gifted through a Mega advancement which grants it an extra 100 state points.

Gengar"s moveset has been shifted around dramatically over the decades, yet currently, average Look deserve to be learned by Gastly at level 8 and also carried end to Gengar when it evolves. Let"s be real, though: isn"t it constantly giving someone a mean look with that smile?

arguably the Pokémon through the most swag, Krookodile was introduced in Generation V, already having earned its cool guy, criminal stripes. Krookodile boasts a stat complete of 509, and also with an ability like Intimidate, it"s no wonder this Crocodile is may be to discover Mean Look.

However, it will certainly take some reproduction to accomplish a mean Look Krookodile. Breeding with Umbreon, Patrat, Watchog, or masculine Meowstic can permit a Sandile to accomplish the desired move, which can then evolve into Krookodile. Too negative we can"t acquire some rad sunglasses on it together well!

The dark equine of Eeveelutions (literally), Umbreon has quite the cult following, especially with its undeniable strength and also unique glowing coloring. Having the exact same base stat complete as all various other Eeveelutions (525), it can be a surefire hazard on the battlefield (and a cute, cuddly creature off the battlefield.)

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Umbreon"s moveset has been inconsistent transparent the Generations, learning Mean Look in ~ level 42 for till Generation IV, where it was changed to level 57. Pokémon black 2 & White 2 adjusted this again to level 37, prior to finally ending up at level 50 in Pokémon sword & Shield.

The final evolution of Duskull and also Dusclops that debuted in Generation IV, Dusknoir in reality shares a basic stat complete of 525 through Umbreon. As of Generation VIII, Duskull can learn typical Look at level 28, and also can climate be advanced into Dusclops and finally Dusknoir, by trading that while stop a reaping machine Cloth.

Dusknoir is maybe known best for its far-ranging role in Pokémon mystery Dungeon: Explorers the Time, Explorers the Darkness, and also Explorers the Sky. Its eerie nature fits the function perfectly, for this reason why wouldn"t it have actually Mean Look?

the makes sense the the bat Pokémon who is constantly frowning v teeth bared have the right to learn average Look. Possibilities are, Crobat was many Pokémon trainers" selection for using typical Look, regularly to stop roaming legendaries from escaping your grasp.

A no unimpressive base stat complete of 535, Crobat"s speed and moveset have kept it relevant to not only solitary players but additionally within some competitive scenes. The best part about Crobat? You need to be the bestest that friends through it in order because that it to evolve. Guess that mean look was simply for show.

A whopping four legendaries to end this list, the guardian divine beings from the Generation VII gamings all boast stat totals of 570, making castle logically the strongest Pokémon top top this list. Tapu Fini, Tapu Bulu, Tapu Lele, and Tapu Koko space all given Mean Look at level 1, definition the move will be lengthy forgotten by the moment the player has a possibility of catching them (which by then will be at level 60).

A guardian divine being must have the ability to scare turn off harmful intruders that threaten the sacred grounds they live come protect, which is the perfect explanation for being maybe to find out Mean Look.

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