If you were a child farming up in the 1990s, you recognize the text to the Pizza Bagels song.

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"Pizza in the morning, pizza in the evening, pizza at supper time; once pizza"s top top a bagel, you have the right to eat pizza anytime."

As a young child, I flourished oddly close to this certain jingle, together with it choose up a lifelong taste because that Pizza Bagels. As soon as I acquired to college, I discovered that with little time in the morning because that breakfast and limited time between classes, Pizza Bagels space a good choice for taste, time efficiency and a good way to fill yourself up prior to sitting through a three-hour lengthy lecture.

However, instead of relying ~ above the frozen/processed, marketed law of mine childhood, I"ve uncovered making your very own full-sized, fresh pizza bagels is a much much better way to manage things. Not only do fresh bagels taste much better and to fill you up quickly, yet they additionally fit well into any kind of morning ritual.

Once I"ve brewed my very first cup that coffee in the morning, bagels are the perfect make-at-home treat for me to obtain my day began for a variety of reasons. First is the adaptability and variety of options that come with cooking or toasting a bagel. Indigenous compiling the sauce and cheese and throwing it in the microwave, to utilizing a toaster range (my preferred method), there space a variety of ways to prepare this delectable treat.

There is additionally a great deal of funny that goes into the mixing and matching that ingredients because that your an individual treat. Whether you select to find a distinctive blend of cheese or decision on a festive sun-dried tomato bagel, there space a many of various ways you can go once picking ingredients. If you"re like me, girlfriend sometimes uncover yourself staring in ~ your options at the grocery keep for minutes at a time, unable to decision what sounds finest in her head. But with pizza bagels, you can never take it too lot time.

Another benefit is the happiness you can uncover in creating this an easy option for a morning meal. It doesn"t take much to placed sauce and also cheese on a bagel, but you can have fun by including other toppings because that a tiny zest, and give you something come munch on after ~ your an initial cup of java. Periodically I uncover myself so captured up in snacking on the bag of cheese the the cooking procedure comes come a halt. However that"s OK: just do her thing.

In fact, the ability to postpone the preparation renders this snack even much more worthwhile. Personally, I uncover myself getting sidetracked and a little bit jittery after ~ a couple of cups that brew, for this reason pizza bagels space a great snack I have the right to start and put on pause if ns get caught up doing other things or suddenly discover myself can not to focus in the morning.

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And lastly, pizza bagels are hard to screw up. Certain you can under chef the bagel, or the cheese might not melt properly, but no matter what, it"s quiet edible and it"s still tasty. Quick of shedding your focus and forgetting around a bagel in the range (which is always a danger with a belly complete of coffee), it"s difficult to fail as soon as trying to prepare a pizza bagel.

So whether they are frozen or fresh, garnished or simply plain cheese and also sauce, simply remember:

You have the right to eat "pizza in the morning, or the evening, or also at suppertime. When pizza is top top a bagel, you deserve to eat the anytime."