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Lake that the Ozarks, Mo. " It to be a weekend worth remembering because that an 11-year-old Weldon Springs boy whose record of the day led to a brief moment the panic and alarm before the commotion passed away down and the oddity that the case took over.For Sam Stahl, safety a weekend at the Lake that the Ozarks v family and friends fishing and also swimming is one of his favourite pastimes, ideal up there v football and baseball. This previous Saturday is likely to be one Stahl will never ever forget. He is one of a grasp of anglers who deserve to lay claim to having captured a piranha in the lake.Stahl claimed he never ever suspected his catch would turn out to it is in something odd and unusual. He was fishing in about 6 feet of water as soon as he noticed the bobber on his pole moving around and felt the tug top top his pole. He to be expecting to traction a catfish or bass, no a pacu piranha, no the typical capture from a dock near the 3 mile marker.Apparently, the piranha was a fan of the salami and also cheese Stahl had actually used as bait. Although the piranha placed up a fight, Stahl had the ability to land it on the dock. In ~ first, he believed what he had hooked to be a sunfish, however upon closer investigate " and a look in ~ the this " Stahl and also his father, John, establish it to be a piranha."I sort of freaked out when I saw it," Sam Stahl said. "When we acquired it the end of the water, we put it in the fish cage v a item of warm dog, and (the piranha) just attacked (the warm dog)."Needless come say, the piranha caused quite a little of commotion.It to be too an excellent a record not to share, john Stahl said. He lugged the fish cage following door to show the neighbors, who had much the same reaction."I retained it alive for the weekend to present people and then we put it in ice and also brought it home with us," he said." We have actually it in the freezer."The twist to the story is now Sam Stahl has a fish story to competitor an larger sibling, who, several years ago, recorded a 52-pound catfish in the lake.The piranha story is much cooler, Sam Stahl said.Although not an extremely common, it is not unheard of for someone to report a piranha in the lake.In the past 20 years, the Missouri department of Conservation has actually received a few reports.The excited of establish the capture is a piranha is about as short-lived as the life expectations of a piranha in Lake the the Ozarks. The cooler water temperatures space a trouble for the species. If they can survive for short periods of time, once the water temperature drops, they can"t survive.The piranha most likely ended up in the lake after people got tired to taking care of them and also dumped their aquariums. Piranhas cannot thrive or blee in the lake, so as soon as they display up, the is a novelty. In 1997, the American Fisheries society did a study and published an short article that determined the locations in the United claims where piranhas can tolerate the water temperature. Lake that the Ozarks was not on that list.

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The southern-most areas of the United states in Florida, Texas and also California were.Last year, Lake that the Ozarks to be featured on the background Channels "MonsterQuest" episode dubbed the "Piranha Invasion." in spite of the attention, preservation officials stated the lake is no teeming through piranhas. The is a rare and unusual occurrence.194860