An within look the the Phantom the the Opera manufacturing inside the Lied center for Performing arts on Thursday, Oct. 24, 2019, in Lincoln, Nebraska.

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photograph by Mia Everding

The Phantom has arrived in Lincoln.

For the next two weeks, the Lied center for Performing Arts’ main stage is transformed into 20th century Paris for the nationwide tour that the iconic Andrew Lloyd Webber musical “The Phantom that the Opera.” The agency will perform 15 mirrors from Oct. 23 come Nov. 3.

This tourism is a reimagined production by renowned theater producer Cameron Mackintosh, with revised scenic design, choreography and also story tone. The updated, 1,500-pound, pyrotechnic-loaded chandelier is one more one the the changes made come the original musical, which still operation on Broadway unaltered native its debut in 1988. 


Assistant stage manager Lizz Bender screens several that the costumes for The Phantom the the Opera production at the Lied center for Performing arts on Thursday, Oct. 24, 2019, in Lincoln, Nebraska.

photo by Mia Everding

Two hours prior to the 2 p.m. Matinee ~ above Thursday, the Lied center opened up its lobby and theater for a press event featuring cast and crew indigenous “Phantom.” The center also listed inside looks in ~ the show’s famous chandelier, sets and also costumes.

Although the present gave its very first performance Wednesday night, cast members have currently taken time to explore the Lincoln area. Derrick Davis, that plays the titular masking antagonist, said he is excited to suffer all the city has to offer during his time here.

“Being native a bigger city, i imagine as with the cornfields and the horses and also all those kinds of points ,” Davis said. “So ns went and also found a cornfield. Ns went and found some horses. I"d love to go horseback riding. I"d love to go simply walking around, and also just conference people and feeling the power of the city is simply my favorite thing, particularly in the fall since the leaves room changing. Everything"s cooling down. It"s my favourite time that year.”

Davis, who remained in the 2018 Broadway rebirth of “Carousel” and both the Broadway production and also 2011 nationwide tour the “The Lion King,” said “Phantom” to be the very first musical his parents took him to together a child, sparking his love because that musical theater.

“There"s just something about it,” he said. “It"s magical in a means that tree a seed within of humans and also grabs hold and also doesn"t permit go.”

Davis said the connection he feels through the present is conveyed in his power of the Phantom — a role he loves come inhabit.

“When I get it right, and I work an extremely hard to obtain it appropriate every performance, I deserve to feel the connection emotionally with the audience,” the said. “And once I have that link with them, ns feel prefer we"re walk on the journey together. Therefore in the way, it"s a various show every time I gain on the stage, and also I love that around it.”

After conversations with actors members, phase manager Lizz Bender took part time come talk about the signature sets and costumes in “Phantom,” placing extra emphasis on the gargantuan chandelier that hangs above the audience transparent the show. The chandelier features over 6,000 crystals, 20 LED world lights and also five different pyrotechnic effects. During a scene in the show when the chandelier falls from the ceiling, the huge light fixture drops in ~ 10 feet every second. 

The facility technical nature the the production requires several manpower to operate, particularly while on tour. Bender said the tourism travels v 20 semi-trucks — 16 walk to every city, and the other four “advanced” trucks just go to details cities with back-up props and collection pieces. 

The chandelier and sets are assembled at each venue in about three days. Bender said the manufacturing hires 75 come 100 regional stagehands in every city to job-related alongside 19 travel crew members to set up the show.

Bender claimed although “Phantom” has plenty of technical elements to adapt to each venue, her crew has actually it under to an efficient science.

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“It’s largely the exact same as any kind of tour,” Bender said. “The an obstacle is to relocate from city to city however make that look the very same as the director envisioned every time. The my task to store the show running smoothly and also make sure civilization don’t notice anything if something goes wrong.”

Although this manufacturing boasts new technical elements, Davis and Bender stated Lied facility audiences can still mean the standard story, score and costume design that make the display so beloved. However, Davis claimed longtime pan of the display may be pleasantly surprised through the creative paths this updated production takes.

a more realistic and human and deep and also grittier direction,” Davis said. “It"s really a lot an ext honest in the method it"s portrayed. And also it"s scarier, it"s an ext fun. It"s every the things just turned approximately 10 for sure.”