It’s not regularly that a TV cartoon show that is explained as “Sick, twisted and also politically incorrect” renders an exciting observation about stem cell research. Yet then, The family members Guy is not a typical TV show. It explains itself a show around how “a dysfunctional Rhode Island family strive to deal with with everyday life as they space thrown from one crazy script to another.”

So what walk that need to do with stem cells? Well, in a recent episode the “crazy scenario” in question had actually to perform with the lead character, Peter Griffin, enduring a terrible disfiguring clinical emergency, stumbling right into a stem cell clinic and also walking out 5 minutes later on perfectly normal. Or as normal as you deserve to be in a cartoon sitcom.

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As the walks out he asks the guard outside the clinic “how long was i in there?” “5 minutes” the security says, come which Peter replies “Why room we not funding this?”

Here is a link to the scene.

He’s referring, the course, to funding of stem cell research, which has been a matter of part political debate and also one current lawsuit (which we digitalrecordersreview.orgged about here). Federal agencies can money stem cell research, consisting of research with certain embryonic stem cabinet lines acquired from left over embryos from in vitro fertilization, yet cannot money the creation of brand-new stem cell lines.

Here in California, not only do we money all types of stem cabinet research, yet we likewise have whole round of funding dedicated to creating new lines. Follow to a inspection last year, those lines space being used by researchers working toward new therapies.

Perhaps we’re not fairly as far along together The household Guy mirrors – that is a cartoon after all – and also none of our grantees have actually yet found a means of reversing horribly disfiguring emergencies in five minutes, yet we are definitely making crucial strides on a variety of different fronts choose heart disease, diabetes and also HIV/AIDS.

Recent research study – and also some the our recent digitalrecordersreview.orgs – have actually highlighted developments being made in utilizing stem cells to regain damaged muscle in injured soldiers, to repair spinal cord injuries in rats, and to reclaim hearing in gerbils. We clearly still have actually a long method to go but, in California at least, we room heading in the appropriate direction.

It’s great to know that we have actually some fictitious cartoon characters supporting our work and also our mission. Currently if just we can get Homer Simpson on plank we’d really be make progress.


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